Is DDO (and the internet in general) just inherently rigged to spawn trolls?

Asked by: Oreo222
  • Give a man a soapbox...

    And he will talk. Whether he actually knows what he's talking about or not is up in the air but that's not the point. The point is that he will talk and more often than not even without intending to be a moron it will turn out that he is, due to his lack of discretion, a moron. Unintentional trolls are the worst type.

  • People Like Being Anonymous.

    The anonymous aspect of DDO, and the internet in general, is very appealing. That aspect, however, can and will be repeatedly abused for the sake of personal entertainment. DDO, for example, has had numerous trolls, and, if Imabench is correct, they once had complete control over the website. Mod forbid they do so again.

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gabep says2015-05-25T17:19:58.397
*Cough* Heil *Cough*.