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Sagey says2014-01-13T08:12:10.963
Damn, I voted Yes and it didn't stick! LOL :-D~
Sagey says2014-01-13T08:20:18.510
Of course Janetsanders thinks I'm a bully, because I tried to educate him about at least some aspects of reality.
All teachers are thus bullies because they push knowledge onto some who prefer to remain Ignorant.
Though Ignorant people should not push the results of their Ignorance onto others, without expecting some flack from those with far more knowledge than themselves.
So, yes, I attack nonsense and try to educate those pushing that nonsense, which is the reason for Janetsanders's ad-hominem attacks on Moi.
Pushing unverified, subjective rot as actual empirical Facts is Nonsense.
I will attack again if I see such happening again.
Thus, I agree, Educators are often bullies, but with a good cause for their bullying.
That cause is, educating the Public concerning Anti-Knowledge like Janetsanders's beliefs.
Sagey says2014-01-13T08:23:58.990
Actually, there are many Websites full of Stupid, Irrational Anti-Knowledge.
BeginningAndEnd.Com is a great example of a website publishing complete nonsense as Truth.
That's where the likes of where Janetsanders belong, with like minded ppl, not on D.O.
janetsanders733 says2014-01-13T12:37:28.817
You haven't educated me or anybody else. You've just shown your ignorance and Pride.
janetsanders733 says2014-01-13T12:38:00.033
I gave historical, objective fact, that is agreed upon by NT scholars Christian and Non-Christian
Sagey says2014-01-14T07:37:44.367
It's the old saying Janetsanders: "You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But, You Cannot Make It Drink".
In your case, We can lead you to Knowledge, But We cannot Male You Read It.

There are people who have thanked me for the information I have presented, as they were interested in it.
Though Thoroughly Ignorant Individuals, Such As Yourself, Wouldn't Recognize Knowledge if It Hit Them In The Face.

Your Utter Naivety and Ignorance Is Not My Fault, it's more likely from your Indoctrination into Nonsense.
The Same Nonsense You keep presenting us with and expecting those of us with at least a hundred times your knowledge, to accept them as factual.
Get an Encyclopedia Set and read it. Please.
Not the Catholic Encyclopedia, because that too is absolute Nonsense.
DefenderOfTheTruth says2014-04-11T13:27:14.970

I think people think you are sometimes a bully because of your choice of terms, which are often : "stupid, naïve, ignorant, nonsense"
From my perspective, people will be more willing to consider your arguments if you show them respect and not belittle them with offensive words.
Sagey says2014-04-11T13:52:01.627
@ DefenderOfTruth:
I only belittle those that deserve it, I don't usually call people stupid, in my last debate I was accused of calling my opponent Stupid, but I did no such thing, I simply called Creationism (his belief) Stupid, not himself, yet idiots still claimed I called my opponent stupid, which was entirely Incorrect. Calling a person's belief stupid is not an ad-hominem attack at all, those that accused me of ad-hom, were themselves extremely stupid and lack knowledge in Logic. They deserve to be called Stupid, if they are offended, I don't CARE! I'm never going to convert a Creationist back to sanity, so I will offend them without a care, because to believe in Creationist Junk takes Naivety and Stupidity.
DefenderOfTheTruth says2014-04-11T18:39:25.843

I understand your passion, but not your rudeness.

You seem to be very, VERY positive that Creationism is dumb.

And I am curious to know how you can be so sure.
What sets you off so much so that you find the need to name-call?
DefenderOfTheTruth says2014-04-11T18:40:12.377
And please don't say "because they don't accept pure science".

Be specific.