Is DDO User Sagey: mean, disrespectful, and close-minded?

Asked by: janetsanders733
  • He totally is.

    Disclaimer: this is NOT a hate argument. Sagey is an (bleep) who doesn't give a (bleep) about "educating" anyone. He just loves to throw unfounded insults at people and rely way too much on youtube just to annoy random people because he thinks that's just hysterical. He even has a completely support less belief that creationists are "stupid" and only has the most fallacious arguments to back it up.

  • Of Course He Is:

    He's mean, disrespectful, disloyal, unrepentant, rude, abusive, narcissistic, follower of fools, hateful, arrogant, unintelligent, spiteful, sadistic, horrible, ugly, persistently annoying, Irrational, infantile, closed minded, foolish, rebellious, stupid, idiotic, fallacious, hurtful, and these are a few of his good qualities.

    If you want to know his bad qualities, censorship prevents me from stating any of them here!

  • Sagely is well-educated

    Sagey's typing is a pleasure to read. He is very educated and educated on more than one subject. His knowledge is well-seasoned and well-tested. Most of the people who complain about his typing only complain because they disagree with him. It is very sad when someone cannot debate correctly and, chooses, instead to call all dissent bad without considering the information

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Sagey says2014-05-15T23:03:46.200
Don't you think my picture looks a little like Dave Grohl.