Is de facto discrimination a major problem in the United States in 2013?

  • Yes, descrimination is still a major problem in the US

    There isn't much to debate here because there are statistics to show how different groups are discriminated against. Black people are stopped by police more. Women make less money for the same jobs. LGBT people can still be fired in many states for who they are and can still be refused marriage.

  • Women, Blacks, Gays Discriminated Against

    The unemployment rate in the United States shows just how bad de facto discrimination can be in the United States. Women make 77 percent of what men make in the same positions. Minorities still have double-digit unemployment rates as opposed to whites. Gays have been discriminated against with anti-gay marriage laws on the books through voter initiatives. All of these things are legal discrimination even though everyone deserves equal rights under the law.

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