• DEADPOOL!!.. The name speaks for itself..

    The trailers of the movie Deadpool has already attracted a lot of attention. This one is a proper combination of action and comedy. Plus the character is the one of a kind and will be totally worth it to watch. Further the cast of Ryan Reynolds will totally nail it.

    Posted by: aT78
  • Yes, moviegoers always love a superhero

    Going to see the movie Deadpool is a good source of entertainment for moviegoers, even though there is a plethora of superhero movies in circulation. People never get tired of inspirational movies, and a superhero with healing powers is a good subject as long as the script is written well and the cinematography is well produced.

  • See What You Love

    I personally have no interest in this film. I hate Ryan Reynolds acting, and I think all of the trailers have been cheesy, over the top, and well, just flat out bad. The character of Deadpool however has a huge fanbase. Two of the fans are in my family and anxiously awaiting the movie. I say any movie is worth seeing if you like the content. For me, and this debate, the content is irrelevant. See what you love.

  • Waiting for the Deadpool to come

    Deadpool has been another movie that I am waiting and expecting to watch in the coming year. It is going to be exciting as this is another movie that is based on the marvel comic character. I am sure the movie is going to be as thrilling as the other ones in the same series. I cannot wait!

  • I've never been a fan.

    If it's anything like any of the current movies that have been released it's likely swill. It's all about appealing to the masses. These movies are designed to appeal to everyone, and in so doing they kill just about anything that I personally would enjoy or want to watch. I'll save it for others.

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