• Americans smugly look at countries like Iran and Pakistan and feel superior with regards to women's rights.

    I was arrested on bogus charges after going to the police 3 times to get help for being sexually harassed by a gang of men. I was unaware that the police were being sued for sexual harassment, and that they had made false accusations against their female coworkers in retaliation. They paraded me around in handcuffs in front of my tormenters to further humiliate and degrade me. I was then maliciously prosecuted. The police fabricated evidence, and they also destroyed the videotape of the arrest, which would have proved them liars. They also used fake names on their arrest reports. In spite of all that, I was still able to prove that they lied, but nothing happened to them. I tried to press charges and also tried to sue, but they know all the judges. The courts just took my money and dismissed the cases. In Iran, they arrest women who have been raped, so this is pretty much the same thing.

  • Dealing with discrimination is like living in a different country.

    Dealing with discrimination is like living in a different country. It depends on the type of discrimination but sometimes it makes you feel like an outsider. You feel like you did something wrong and the world is against everything that you do because of discrimination. I can see how it would feel to live in a different country and be treated differently.

  • Yes it is

    Yes it is like living in a different country because you are stared at, taunted and even ridiculed for your color of your skin, your sexual preference, even the choosing of your spouse if it is an interracial relationship. Judging others doesn't make anyone better than someone else. Learn to get along with everyone and this country could be better.

  • No, it's like living in a country with jerks.

    No, there is discrimination of some sort everywhere you go, so I wouldn't say it is like living in a different country. It's more like being in a country with rude and bigoted people. It's a bad thing to have to deal with, but it is in all nations, sadly.

  • It probably was at one time

    While discrimination still is very common. I do think the instances are starting to happen less and less. Which makes them seem more like random instances, and less like living in a world where everyone just does not like you for the color of your skin or sexuality. Of course, I do not really get discriminated against very often. I might not be the right person to be asking.

  • No, dealing with discrimination is not like living in a different country.

    I do not think that dealing with discrimination is like living in a different country. But of course this is a question that many people will answer in different way. When I've faced discrimination before, I always felt that it was a matter of the society I lived in not being perfect. But it's like that all over the world.

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