• So your saying murder isn't bad

    You say death isn't bad. So does that mean you wouldn't mind death, If that is so, Am i allowed to murder you, I mean, If death isn't bad that neither can murder be! Ooooh, How about we make murder legal! It would be a bloodbath, Wouldn't that be fun?

  • Death is Defeat

    Anybody who thinks that personal death is good has been conditioned to be masochistic to the unfairness that permeates society and life more generally. Death is the ultimate defeat. It may be natural, But that does not mean that it is just. There is a limitless amount of experience and knowledge one could acquire in this universe if only they could be invincible.

    Now, If the world is overpopulated resulting from structural problems- if we could not allocate resources appropriately to everybody in the case that we could make everyone live forever, That is a societal problem and not a personal one. I advocate for the individual far more than I do for the collective- the collective needs to facilitate the individual and not the other way around.

  • Death is necessary

    I may not fully understand the question.

    Death is very much necessary for the world. If people didn't die, The world's resources would become scarce, And the world would become over crowded.
    Whether you want to agree or not. Whether it's good or bad. Death is necessary.
    Death is one of the best things that can occur to us humans.
    If i am being honest, Humans in general should just die. Humans has caused this world to go downhill very quickly.

  • I think not.

    I took a lot of comfort listening to Alan Watts on this subject. He says that all life is just a playing of energy. That death is just the other face of energy and that there is nothing fundamentally to be afraid of.

    He also says that it is arranged that you stop being you after a while and come back as someone else altogether because to always be you forever would be excruciating.

    Religion plays a big part in giving people a fear of death. Telling children they will burn forever and such like. I'm not afraid anymore.

  • It's like two sides of a coin

    Death isn't bad or good, Neither is life actually. For life to exist however, You need death. For if one doesn't exist, The other has lost it's meaning (If death doesn't exist, Life will just seem quite dull in all honesty, What's the purpose of life? ). Death is inevitable, And us (overpopulated)humans need it

  • Death Is Life

    Death is simply just another system in our world that happens to be beneficial to society. That does not make it bad nor good, However. It prevents overpopulation and allows for human life to focus more directly on their choices. Without death, We would cease to have purpose or direction.

  • Death simply is.

    That is really it. Death is. Death is inevitable. It just is. It's not inherently good or bad, It's only in your interpretation that it becomes such. Though I may just be making an overall case for stoicism, My point still stands. It is factual that nothing is inherently good or bad before being given the label of one or the other.

  • When it comes to individualism, Death is bad but on the matter of collectivism, It is beneficial

    Individualism - bad because all the hard works such as property, Money and such would be no sense if you died. The family being left will also suffer due to the fact that their love ones is gone

    Collectivism - I say it’s good on this matter because population growth will decrease, Thus, The resources will increase and so the majority will get benefits from it.

  • No death = Worst thing ever

    Imagine you wanted to sit down to a nice, Long game of monopoly. You start the game, Roll the dice, And everyone starts moving. Now eventually, After you've gotten all the railroads, The entire left side of the board, AND boardwalk, Everyone loses their money and you win, Right? Now imagine if there was no end. Everyone keeps rolling the dice, Winning, Lose, Laughing, Being sad, Etc. . . No one would ever want to play the game ever again if there was no end. The fact that life has an end is an amazing thing. It adds a sense of closure and "I wonder what will happen" to life. If you had forever to live, Why can't you put off anything until tomorrow? Death is amazing, And people shouldn't be as scared of it as most are.

  • Not in the long run. . .

    Death isn't inherently bad. In fact, Without death we'd be far more populated than we already are. More death lowers the human population which increases our resources and decreases the spreading of disease which would increase life-span. It would also help prevent things like global warming, And without all the government money being spent on prisons, Hospitals, Roads, Etc. . . We could help fund research a lot more (if the population was lowered enough). So the only really bad thing about death is making room for cemeteries (plus, I've heard that ashes aren't all that good for the environment ), And the people it affects. But in the long run, Death is far more helpful than not.

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