• Death by Drone

    I think being killed by a drone would be much better than torture. I would rather be killed outright, even if I didn't know it was coming, than be painfully poked, stabbed or non mortally shot. I would rather die instantly than have it be prolonged for days or even weeks and be in pain.

  • Yes death by a drone is better than death by torture

    Yes, I think that death by a drone would be a much better way to die rather than death by being tortured. Death by a drone would be immediate, whereas death by being torture could be long and drawn out. Being tortured could also make you feel pain like you have never felt before which is why it is better to go out by a drone.

  • Quick and painless

    Yes, it is all in the name. Torture is torture. One would never know when the end is near and could be drawn out over a long period of time. Suffering would be far worse than a quick unsuspecting death from an aircraft you never even knew was targeting you.

  • I believe It Is

    If you are killed by a drone it is probably a little better than being tortures. Nobody wants to die but If you have to I imagine you would want it to be as quick as possible. Being tortured to death is one of the worst ways you can leave this Earth.

  • I would rather know I was dying!

    Even if it is painful, Wouldn't you want to know your time was up? Even if it is painless to be killed by a drone, Someone about to die would want to say goodbye to their loved ones, Instead of vanishing without a trace. Or am I the only one who thinks about other people?

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