• Basis of Morality

    I'm still lingering on the thought that death is neutral, but our virtues and vices ought to stem from the idea that our vices can not prolong life, but our virtues can. Given the short and long term periods of the self, society, and nature. At least this is my current opinion on the matter. What's your take?

  • Not evil, essential

    I believe that as life is neither good nor evil neither is death. Death is inevitable, we can all accept that, so to call death evil is just absurd. To give an example we can agree for the most part that the sun rising is inevitable right? So do we we say the sun rising is good? Most people would, however does that mean the setting of the sun is evil? Well, it doesn't matter as they are both ESSENTIAL just as life and death. We can, for the most part agree that life is more enjoyable or perhaps better than death, however death is ESSENTIAL just like the setting of the sun.

  • Way of Life

    Well thats how things are supposed to be, I mean we have all the time in the world to do anything, We have people to care for us. And even i have had a few people in my life who have passed away, and i realized that its just a way of life, People come and people go, Death isnt good or evil just as it is inevitable.

  • Of course Death is Evil, and Life is Good

    Set aside a belief that death is inevitable. What if aging can be reversed, and death avoided for centuries. What if you could live to be 1000 years old, but with the biological age of being a healthy 25 year old person. Would you do that? Wouldn't you quickly embrace that option? I would suggest, at our current rate of medical technological discovery that we WILL find cures for aging within the next 10 years and then death will become OPTIONAL. Therefor, DEATH is EVIL and the opposite, the choice of a healthy LIFE as absolutely GOOD.

  • There is no reason for it to be evil

    If one says that death is evil, then one may say that life is 'good'. But things cannot be that distinct - what if we considered ageing, does that mean that you're slowly moving toward evilness? What about before you were born? Was that evil or good? Mhmm...

    There seems to be many questions and factors regarding whether death (or life) is evil or is not. Maybe there is no absolute regarding death, maybe it's something that you need to come to your own terms with, that's why religion exist. But in essence, death is only as evil and good as life is.

  • It's Not Necessarily

    Everybody knows about the inevitability of death. It is the final stage of life, and is feared by many people. However, death can't always be bad. Sometimes, it can be liberation from a great suffering, or sometimes it is done at the hands of justice. Judging from this, I cannot agree with the statement that death is evil.

  • Why would death be evil?

    Why is death evil? It is just a simple fact of life.
    Also, why do we need a certain number of words on here? Why can't we just say something, even if its only one word, and call it good? Seriously! I'm only writing this add-on to meet the requirements.

  • No it is not evil

    Death is a natural phenomenon and the only thing that never discriminates. One can be a billionaire or a penniless beggar but Death will come to all. Its is a way of nature to revive and rejuvenate. Old has to go for the new to come. Earth has limited resources and without death it will become so populated with flora and fauna that no one will be able to strive. Without death evolution will stop.

  • No, not even close.

    Death removes you from the crushing grip of Pain, no other can permanently divorce you from the troubles of this world like Death can. If Death did not exist, then what would happen to the old and frail? Those who wish for the release of Death would be sorely disappointed. What about the souls who cannot escape Pain? Surely Death is a blessing to those who have lost it all, and have nothing but the constant reminder of loss.

  • Death is supporting because evil which not true in lIfe standard because in life process.

    No because in bible say death part life cycle and end stUggla for dominant. Okay does belive death is evil like plauge does kill many people . I does belive one evil like thing in video games because thing in video game want kill people . For example zombie want kill people for they eat . In real life death is not evil because devil never create dead. For example plaugè is catch by disease and who catch it , disease start by aninal. These Animal never created by devil. These animals create by change in environment . For examole first pump system . For few day the rats carries with disease because first pump system. Like in some video gamè . Like some people in video game death in bloodline . For example assassin's and some people in walking dead . They how act it and they need death . Like death is essential to them . For example Kenny said he want dies in episode 4 of walking dead and again of episode 5 of season 2 he said "he want be heaven Kaija and duck finally he got it before he dies. On depend someone said or not is difference between matter or not . Winner is matter because like choice and does matter season and save files. Save files is important because they is carry over in next season . What choice you make does effects on season pass and save files . Other examples is crow because your legry does matter on crow because I say before and death . These factor combined together does matter in all. Just my opinion on this and what choice effects it

  • There is no reason for it to be evil

    If one considers death evil, then he may consider life 'good'. But is that the case? Even if we somehow managed to answer the latter questions, things are not that rigid and simple. What about ageing? If you consider death evil, does that mean that you're slowly moving towards evilness? Or what would you consider life before birth?

    There are so many factors that contribute to the answer - more than what any book or reply may encompass. Maybe this is a subject you need to grapple with and come to your own terms. Maybe that's why religion exist, as they provide a sort of eternity. However, I think death is only as evil as life is.. Don't you think so?

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yahuaa says2016-06-02T10:15:56.537
S'pose I am alone in this, as I was in my other post, but I've yet to obtain a satisfactory answer or reply. Could just be me I guess.
Gareth_BM says2016-06-03T11:44:08.783
As in the mythological being or the process.
yahuaa says2016-06-03T18:14:33.843
The process. ^^ Sorry I dun get notifications for comments.