• Death Metal is the greatest music ever created

    Death metal, and extreme metal in general, is the most awesome music ever invented. The musicianship is so advanced and over-the-top. The drumming is insane, the guitar and bass is amazingly complex yet can be heavy and crushing at the same time, and the vocals are so powerful. Nothing compares to it. Top of the musical food chain. Death Metal is a king among men, and a god among kings. And, even within it's own genre, it has evolved to such epic heights of musicianship and composition, it is unparalleled by any other musical style. Been listening to it since the early 1980s and grow to love it more every day.

  • It is good.

    I would not say that death metal music is the best music ever made,but it is also not a bad genre too.It has its roots in heavy and thrash metal.
    Of course,the vocal styles are unusual but saying that it does not require talent,is wrong.Also the lyrical themes may be quite controversial but it all depends on how the listener percieves the lyrics.
    And coming to the music,it is composed by a group of 4-5 people who have amazing musical instrument skills and they play with amazing skill and dedication.Death metal is an acquired taste..And some people like it whereas some may not.It is a personal preference.

  • Well, uhmm.. It should be

    First of all, death metal is well, the best music to some and the worst to many. Death metal, in my opinion, so much better than mainstream pop nowadays. You got 4 to 6 people working TOGETHER to create some of the world's most technical, heavy, melodic and at times relatable songs in the history of music. Mainstream music on the other hand, is just one artist asking 3 or 4 producers to come up with simple straightforward "Boom boom boom" beats and maybe 2 or 3 more producers to do mixing and others while the actual artist just, well... Sings. How are you reigning all these charts by the way? I wonder.

    Now, onto some arguments:
    "It hurts my ears"
    So.... Banning metal just because a non-metal listener claims to have hurt his/her delicate and fragile ears is justifiable? In this sense, could I say that pop and rap or such should be banned because I don't like it? I would, but i would prefer not to because that will be forcing others to like your music.

    "Its not even music"
    Does music have a definition? Does it say that "Music is defined as any sort of listenable material except for genres such as metal"? You think it is torture because you're not used to it. Just like exercising: It is torture because you were not used to it. But do you dare say that exercising is not good?

  • It is the best

    Death metal helps to vent anger in a non hurtful/lethal way. It also helps to concentrate on other tasks because it is very motivational. It helps to motivate you when you are fighting other people. There are lots of metalheads out there so it wouldn't be hard to find a group of friends

  • How is it considered music at all?!?

    Metal is just very angry men screaming and destroying there guitars and there really is no lyrical meaning at all. Its just very heavy scratching and yelling and ughhh how is it considered music? I don't understand the appeal... I mean I listen too rapcore or rock or screamo, Music types that a lot of people don't agree too, but what is the appeal in metal? I don't get it... I play guitar and If I did that too my guitar I would die XD

  • It hurts my ears.

    I have never listened to music before which can actually give me pain in my ears. One of my friends is into it, and sometimes he will play a song, and after it finishes I literally feel a pain in my ears. And it's not just the loudness. I've listened to other types of music loudly before, and they don't hurt my ears. Seriously, ouch.

  • It hurts my ears

    Screaming into a mic isnt music. It hurts my ears and i dont know why anyone would like it or listan to it on their free time it is torture. Its not good in any way shape or form so i dont realize how people can call it good its actually kida gross

  • Not by a long shot

    Do not get me wrong, I listen to death metal at least on a daily basis. But with all the other good bands, Like Metallica, Ratt, Mercyful Fate, Scorpions, Slayer, Trivium, Slipknot, And many more, I unfortunately must admit that death metal cannot put up a fight against the melodic and more mainstream bands. Again, Death metal is great, Just not great enough in this case.

  • I love metal, but...

    Death metal is one of the worst subgenres of metal. The only good death metal band I have heard is Death (in fact they are actually amazing, one of my all time favorite bands), but everything else is just mindless growling and the guitar usually sucks too. BUT, metal in general is still the best genre ever (specifically classic - such as Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath; and thrash - such as Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer) just not death metal.

  • Music Taste is Subjective

    There's a big difference between calling Death Metal your favourite type of music, and calling it the greatest. Calling it the greatest implies that no other music is "better", and there are some problems with this:
    No one can really judge music, as one person may believe that one song is perfectly put together and sounds like the most beautiful compositions in history, while another person may call it mindless noise. Saying one type of music is better than another is merely an opinion, with barely any significance at all. There can never be an ultimatum on this issue, as the judgments being made will be based off of opinions, and neither side will change their thoughts on their favourite music, since it's, well, their favourite music.

    So, no. It isn't...

  • Preferences to music.

    Everyone likes different music. Saying Death Metal is the best is heavily opinionated. People can listen to what they like. I personally dislike Death Metal and prefer Classical, Electric, Ambient, and the "Epic Music" thing.

    In all other words, Death Metal is not the best music, saying that it is the best is opinionated.

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