• Yes, it is.

    The anticipation is high, and the mysterious trailers are only building up the anticipation. Many people will want to know what the game is really about and they are building suspense by not telling people exaclty what the game is about yet. This is a highly anticipated new game that people will love.

  • Death Stranding: Jaw Dropping Graphics, Will The Gameplay Be Jawdropping Too?

    It is certainly agreeable that Death Stranding could be named "The Most Exciting Game Yet To Be Released". The trailer for this game showcased absolutely beautiful, never-before-seen graphical display of 3D animation. The cheers from the crowd at the Electronics Entertainment Expo viewing the trailer for the first time says it all: this game is one that people are anticipating wildly. While it's hard to say whether the graphics of game-play will actually be as good as the teaser trailer, the anticipation towards finding out is phenomenal amongst many. One thing cannot be debated: people are vastly excited about this game, and they will be waiting on the edges of their seats to see how it turns our. We are all excited for Death Stranding.

  • No, there are plenty of other games which other people are excited for

    Heard of "Mount and Blade: Bannerlord"? That game is another excite game, and in "my" opinion, is more exciting, therefore death standing is not the most exciting game coming out.

    "Most exciting" is a relative term. For example, a tetris fanatic could care less about a new game like death standing coming out, but you may be the "most exciting" think in your life. In your opinion, it could be the most exciting, but to others, it might not be. Therefore, it might be one of the most exciting games to come out, but not "THE" most exciting game to come out.

  • No, not necessarily.

    No, Death Standing is not necessarily the most exciting game coming out. There are so many new games each year, and everybody has a different opinion on which is the best. Everybody likes something different; some folks are super excited by the next Lego game, for example. There are different criteria, so it's hard to choose one game as the most exciting new thing.

  • No, Death Standing is not the most exciting game coming out.

    No, Death Standing is not the most exciting game coming out because there are so many great games out there today. Technology has improved the way people experience games and it is wonderful to see each one improve. Even if it is the best game coming out, a new one will quickly replace it.

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