Is debate important to a political science academic curriculum?

  • debates lets us know what one is thinking.

    I think its really important for us to have debate for political science. Not just to benefit curriculum study but I think it really helps us to know the candidate. The way they handle all the debate questions would really give us an idea of the views that they posses.

  • Yes, debate is important to a political science academic curriculum.

    Debate is an essential part of the political system, and it is of the utmost importance for someone who wants to become heavily involved with politics, to have experience with the art of debate. Debate is more than just speaking and arguing, it is an art form with which one can sway the masses. There is no better example of the power of eloquence when it comes to argument than the Sophists of ancient Greece. They would use this great weapon to sway an opinion in their favor even if they had the weaker argument. Mastery over debate is crucial to a political science curriculum because it will be integral to their future line of work.

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