• Yes I believe so.

    Why do I think this website is anti-american football? There opinion surveys in the website that asks the most ludicrous questions like "Should the NFL be banned" "Is Football a real sport" and for some reason, the upvotes that favor the negative opinions of American Football outnumber the downvotes that favor the positive opinions.

  • Football should NOT be banned

    It's a sport people like to play so ban it your crazy its like taking candy from a baby I should know I play so ban it u will start an angry mob so I would NOT BAN FOOTBALL so keep football please its for your own good SO KEEP FOOTBALL

  • No. Because it is stupid!

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  • The website as a whole?

    I'll echo the sentiments of "Roadrunnerani". Debate.Org users can have varied opinions on general topics, such as which sport or team they prefer over another or their thoughts on political views, current events, etc., but the site itself does not publicly condemn American football. Those are our own sole views.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Debate. ORG doesn't play a role in the opinions expressed.

    Therefore, they do not have any bias at all. Remember, a lot of the content you see on debate. ORG is opinions of individuals whom use the website, not debate. ORG itself. It just happens to be that for those particular questions, people enjoy taking on a challenge therefore the consistent up votes for the side that seems harder to take (e.G "Should NFL be banned").

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