Is Debate. Org filled with rancid, Garbage, Horrible, Disgusting, Scum people who decide their opinion is superior without using facts? :)

  • A bit extreme but yeah

    I see what this is saying. This place has not become a place of debates, It is just the same subjective, Illogical points being brought up again and again plus people keep trolling and it’s made it hard to read through debates and opinions here so I don’t want to

  • Everywhere I see trolls, I see people who use religion and personal bias as an argument, And people who spam arguments.

    Like the headline stated, I see this everywhere. People who cannot remain factual and use personal bias and an inferiority complex to make arguments, And this is not stopped, And thus debate. Org has become a cesspool of childish bickering. I rarely see a debate without logical fallacies, Or a debate that doesn't have trolls and people spamming an argument again and again. I rarely see a debate that is actually a debate, And people seem to think they are superior for insulting someone for an opinion. Now, If this were real life I would think differently- but this is a debate platform. Even if someones opinion regards the denial of basic human rights to a group that deserves to be treated equally, The person shouldn't be insulted. It is not the point. The opinion should be rebutted. That is all.

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