• Most of the time it is a waste of time.

    I admit debate is an essential skill for you to progress through life, but today's version of debate has been warped, modified, and changed so much it seldom represents the original, better method. For one, your opponent may stall if they are losing. For another, we must clarify in the most explicit detail or else our opponent may claim something ridiculous but we have no proof on the contrary. Thirdly, we always have to be politically correct or else somebody will say it is offensive.

    People play dirty, and this has made most of today's debate arduously fruitless.

  • Debating is good practice.

    Debating is a good way for someone to build their communication
    skills. In order to debate, one must
    have a good grasp of the English language. Also, in order to debate effectively, one must
    understand how to use and apply logic.
    Debating is a crucial life skill, as leadership often involves
    convincing other people to follow your way of thinking.

  • Debating Is The Essence Of Being Human

    There has never been a time in history when everyone agreed on everything, much less one thing. Because of this, debating is essential to life and definitely not a waste of time. Debating is important because it is the first step in attempting to make a resolution that can work for both sides.

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TheAntidoter says2013-10-09T19:08:54.980
The answer is pretty obvious.