Is debating about a debate something to debate about debating about?

Asked by: maldroid18
  • Yes I guess.

    I feel like the question was meant to be confusing, but I do understand what it is saying to an extent. Debating about something is worth debating about because we need to understand others views and opinions on things, even about how they go about mentioning and writing out those views.

  • Should I even debate?

    If I debate about this am I debating to debate about the debate that's being debated about? Yeah and If I am than I am in favor of debating the debate. The debate shall be debated if the debate serves no debate purpose. So a paradox of infinite debates happens.

  • Of Course not...

    Firstly the root debate (which can be about anything, mind you) is the one to be debated, and nothing else. If we start debating about who is right and who is wrong, a third debate about who is right/wrong about that will arise, allowing ANOTHER debate to start, and more and more commencing until those people who were debating about it are all deceased. It's very tiring.

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Rami says2015-05-27T22:25:07.790
I will try to clear this up. Let's say there is a debate about politics. Now let's say this was at a funeral and someone complained that it isn't proper to talk about politics at a funeral. The two people arguing about politics join sides and say its fine for them to talk about politics. Then whoever is leading the ceremony stops the arguing, and hushes everyone. The person who complained says he needs to keep arguing so that he will prevent more disrespect, because it is likely that the politic talkers will continue talking. The leader says no still and they argue. Then someone says that it isn't proper so the leader himself to be talking, and that is that.