• Debating The Supernatural Can Have A Positive Psychological Effect

    It is a fact that some people suffer from depression and sadness. I believe that believing in the supernatural and debating the supernatural may help to alleviate some of this depression.

    For example, a person who feels depressed that his/her life is pointless may find psychological relief by believing in supernatural phenomena. A belief in God, spirits, angels, heaven, and/or space aliens can create a "hopeful delusion" that existence has meaning and purpose.

    Debating the supernatural, I think, may have another positive psychological effect. By discussing these matters, a repressed person may be able to release anxiety and tension---a kind of "blowing off steam". This release of tension may cause the person to become more relaxed, calm, and content.

    I believe that a healthy and friendly debate about the supernatural may have these favorable results. Therefore such debate is not pointless. Sometimes people need a distraction from their sometimes stressful everyday lives. These kinds of debates provide a kind of mental distraction.

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