Is December 2012 going to be the end of the world?

  • It Totally Happened

    See, what people don't realize is the end of the world already happened. The gods just decided to screw with us by perpetuating life through illusions to reassemble a vague reality perceived by us human beings. I can attest to this since you can't prove me wrong, as the lack of knowledge verifies this possibility. All reality is just an illusion of reassembled collective memories being expressed through individualistic --or mutually exclusive-- mediums, which we call the conscious. Now we just have to progress as the collective unconscious drives humanity back into a collective conscience. Before December 2012, we had a distinct collective conscience. But, on December 21st of last year, individuals were shattered apart by a fiery end, falling to what we call Earth with separated consciouses implanted with unique and entirely illusory memories.

  • Devil's Advocate

    The thing about doomsday prophecies is that they've all been wrong until one of them is right. If you say "that die is going to be a 6" every time you roll a die, you'll probably be wrong a few times, and then you'll be right. Maybe this will be the time they're finally right.

  • Obviously it wasn't

    Kind of a late question being that it's 2014 right now, don't you think? Why anyone believed in the December 2012 end of the world stuff is just beyond me. Haven't we heard over and over again the world's going to end on this date or that date? Why do people still buy it?

  • Nope

    Honestly, i think people just started this 2012 rumor because the media is based on sensationalism. Every news article, for this case lets say in major news publications, not local ones, focuses on an issue that is unique, spontaneous, and shocking. Someone saw this Mayan calendar and thought, what if people believed this! It's not a valid claim because the motive is not based in the safety of mankind, but of publicity.

  • No. We have no reason to believe this.

    There is no evidence to suggest this will occur. There are always prophecies stating that the world is going to end on a particular date, and it never does. While it is possible, it is highly unlikely that anything will happen. Usually, people who promote these beliefs are disconnected from reality or part of a cult or otherwise uninformed.

  • No

    I seriously doubt that the world will end. Maybe it will be the beginning of a new world actually. Maybe things will change for the better or for the worse. But I necessarily don't think that the world will exactly end. It could led to the inevitable end of something like a country or humanity.

  • No, December 2012 will not be the end of the world.

    No, I don't believe that December 2012 will be the end of the world. Conspiracy theories are always prevalent regarding matters like the end of time. While it appears there has been a substantial amount of literature in the past centuries that alludes to December 2012, they are in actuality unrelated theories that conspiracy theorists morph into being about 12/21/2012. There has been no type of scientific forecast or proof of the end of the world because it just is not possible.

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