Is decision-making easy (yes) or hard (no) for you?

  • I follow my gut instinct, and that makes it easy.

    I've been around on this planet a lot longer than most of you who will read this. And there's one thing I've learned over the years, and it's that the times I don't allow my intuition (first impression) of a person or situation to guide me is when I get harmed. So I follow that intuition, and it makes my decisions easy.

  • I Find It Easy

    I generally find making decisions easy. I often do not have many options to chose from, but even if I do, I can generally drill down to the best options quickly. I think it is important to be able to make swift decisions, but it's just as important to make sound decisions as well.

  • I am not sure...

    No really, decision making has always been pretty easy for me. I am not one to sit around deliberating for hours over the smallest things. I usually know what it is that I want and I go for it. There are few times when it is hard, like when both choices are similar or if it is a very important decision. Usually, though, it is easy for me.

  • Make a Choice and Stick to It

    Making decisions is fairly easy for me. The trick is not to be wishy-washy about it and suddenly change to another course of action. Once I make a choice, I stick it out to its conclusion. It can be something as simple as what route to drive to work or who to marry. Either way, see the choice to its conclusion.

  • Decision-making is hard for myself.

    Decision-making is hard for myself. There are some decisions that would be easier if someone else made them for me. However, most of the decisions that I make only affect myself so I can not blame anyone else if the decision fails. The cost of being independent is to be able to make those decisions.

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