Is Deion Sanders the greatest defensive back of all time?

  • Who can stop him?

    He is the grates the NFL has seen. He was a complete corner he played both sides and was a special teamer. No one could stop him he shutdown highly talented receivers all the time. He is the best DB but Patrick Peterson is closing in on that crown and may take it from him.

  • Deion Is The Greatest

    Deion Sanders is the greatest defensive back ever. He is the best the NFL has ever seen. He was a shut down corner that completely dominated at his position. No other defensive back has been able to affect a game the way he did while he was in the league.

  • He'll be viewed that way

    It's a very difficult argument to have, regardless of which side of it you're on. NFL defenses have the deck stacked against them so much more now than when Primetime was ruining the day for quarterbacks that any of them that are better than he was still won't show up that way on the stat sheet. He's in the conversation regardless of what set of rules was being played under, however.

  • Yes.

    Deion Sanders is easily one of the greatest athletes that have ever graced this earth with their presence. His stats are astronomical, quarterbacks were scared to death to throw the football to his side of the field. He created the definition of shutdown corner. He is one of, if not the, greatest of all time.

  • No, not of all time

    If the question had been, "Is Deion Sanders ONE of the greatest defensive back of all time?" then I would absolutely say yes. But to label him as "THE BEST" is just too much. There have been many GREAT defensive backs, and to label one better than another just doesn't sit right with me.

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