• Dell is much better

    Dell and HP are both terrible but dell supersedes HP, HP computers are built cheap on purpose which gives them a shorter lifespan and slower speeds, dell constructs decent computers but their subsidiary, AlienWare makes fabulous computers. Overall though Toshiba and Asus are much better, they are what I recommend if youre looking for a Laptop/PC.

  • Dell is better

    I have been a PC repair tech for 6 years now. Dell computers are built with better quality and have a warranty service that is much easier to use. Both companies have issue models. But nothing on the Dell side has come close to the DV6000/9000 GPU blow out issue. Comparing todays models, I find that Dell computers are built using better quality parts than HP. Thus the reason they slightly more. HP makes a good printer though, but not enough for me to say HP is better than Dell.

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