• Yes, I believe that DeMarco Murray is better then Jim Brown Was

    I believe that DeMarco Murray is better than Jim Brown was because he has done alot over the years to be able to help his team out. He has made a few more contributions then Jim Brown has and he is all around a great player for them to have on their team.

  • Yes, DeMarco Murry is better than Jim Brown

    Murray, who has been playing for the Cowboys for 4 years, has recently been made the first running back in NFL history to start a season with seven 100-yard rushing games. This beat Jim Brown's record that was held since 1958. In addition to the record breaking, Murray as a modern football god is most likely going to lead the Cowboys towards a much needed victory in the 2015 Superbowl as of today, they are still on par to be a contender.

  • Absolutely not. Jim Brown ran in a much tougher era

    Demarco Murray is good, but he gets a lot of help. He runs behind one of the best, if not the best offensive line sin football and that line could make most running backs look really good. Now that Murray plays for the Eagles, we can already see he is struggling mightily to put up similar stats mostly because the Eagles do not have nearly as good an offensive line as Dallas. Meanwhile new starting running back Joseph Randle is putting up monster numbers for the Cowboys.

    Is Demarco Murray good? Certainly. Were his stats partially inflated by the fact he had the best offensive line in the NFL blocking for him? Definitely.

  • He Has a Long Way To Go

    DeMarco Murray is a very good running back. However he is just at the beginning of his career and must be great for many more seasons before he can be compared to Jim Brown. Jim Brown was great for all his seasons in the league. He quit while he was still on top and probably could have gained thousands of more yards if he played longer.

  • No, DeMarco Murray is not better than Jim Brown was

    No, DeMarco Murray is not better than Jim Brown was. Jim Brown played in an era where the running back was the focal point of the offence, and everyone on the defence was playing to stop Jim Brown. In today's game, the focal point of the offence is the pass, which opens up the field for running backs such as DeMarco Murray.

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