Is Demi Moore's ex, Ashton Kutcher, becoming more famous than she is?

  • Ashton Kutcher is becoming more famous than his famous ex-wife, Demi Moore.

    While Demi Moore garnered her fair share of fame and attention in years past, these days it seems her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is getting more attention. Ashton Kutcher was the breakout star from the success television show, That 70s show. Currently, he took over as a leading character on Two and 1/2 Men, when Charlie Sheen very publicly left the show. His interesting and wise investment decisions have also shone a spotlight on him in another sector. Recently, Ashton Kutcher played the role of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, in a biopic that was released very soon after Jobs's death. This was another attention grabbing move on Kutcher's part. On the contrary, we seldom hear about Demi Moore.

  • Ashton Kutcher is becoming more famous than his ex-wife Demi Moore because he is remaining current.

    Kutcher was already famous among the generation of people who grew up watching him on Punk'd as he pulled pranks on various well-known celebrities. Then he married Demi Moore who was famous in her own right and they became a bit infamous due to their large age gap and the frequency with which they talked to their fans and each other via Twitter. I feel that Demi has settled down and is not actively seeking as many roles, while Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen on Two and A Half Men after the former imploded. The drama between Sheen and Kutcher over his replacement has again taken to the Tweet waves and has served to make Kutcher even more famous. He generally seems to walk away from every conflict with another celebrity, looking the better man.

  • For a new generation

    Overall Demi Moore is a more famous actor than Kutcher, but for the new generation of viewers in the US Kutcher is a more famous actor than Demi Moore. People under the age of 20 probably cannot name a movie or show Demi Moore was in, so its easy to see.

  • Two and a Half Men.

    Yes, Ashton Kutcher is becoming more famous than Demi Moore, his ex, because Ashton Kutcher has been a star for a long time. Ashton Kutcher is the star of Two and a Half Men, and he portrayed Steve Jobs. This is in addition to his rise to fame in That '70s Show. He is a very popular actor with lot of fans.

  • He's In More Movies

    How many movies and television shows has Ashton Kutcher been in over the past five years as compared to Demi Moore? He's more relevant than she is because he's in more stuff than she is. Both are icons of their generation. Kutcher has taken celebrity Tweets to an extreme. Moore was famous in the 1980s and 1990s. This is Kutcher's time, not Moore's.

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