• They can't accomplish anything

    Democracy in the US was made with good intentions, but with bad applications. If democracy worked smoothly, the government would not have shut down. We would not have to always hear about Obamacare. But instead, we had thousands of government employees not getting paid because congress won't stop arguing about Obamacare.

  • They'll never vote themselves out of office.

    We live in a country that is run by lobbyists, big business, and politicians...Not by citizens. Our "leaders" do what they please, not what they should do, and we can't even fire them for not doing their job, they'd never vote for that to happen to themselves!
    This is a beautiful country, but it's not a beautiful government.

  • the US is a closed government

    Thanks to the supreme court, who made bribery and blackmail the law of the land under citizens united vs FEC. As of jan. 21, 2010, it doesnt matter who you vote for: whoever wins will necessarily act strictly in the interests of wealthy corporate lobbyists. Justice kennedy, who authored the decision, made it very clear that he trusts the corporate "experts", and not the voters, to make policy decisions. We dont elect a congress anymore; instead we elect a soviet duma.

  • The absolute myth of democracy

    Democracy is beyond broken, and in many ways, lies in pieces before us. Sure we have the vote but it is what the person we vote for does with it that matters and it is clear that other interests are put ahead of the interests of the voters. First it is the paymasters - the corporations on one side and the unions on the other - and then it is the party with the voter coming a poor third. The party system itself, polarises everything into left or right whereas many voters believe in an amalgam of things from the whole political spectrum. Our direct taxation systems penalises those less well off, who pay everything they are required to pay, whilst those with sufficient earnings or fortunes can pay professionals to minimise the tax that is paid. Is anything less democratic than income tax?

    In whatever facet of society one looks the absence of a true democracy can be seen in the inequality of opportunity whether it be employment, health care, justice, religion education or more.

    And where is the accountability that we should expect from those we elect to represent us? They make the mess and we are expected to pay to clear it up. Just ask those who banked in Cyprus!

    The electorate - the people - have become the servants and those we elect have become our masters which negates the whole concept of democracy. So long as we continue to pay obeisance to those we elect to represent us rather than having them serve us, we cannot even begin to create a true and meaningful democracy.

  • The political class ignores the will of the people

    In a democracy the will of the majority of people is supposed to be represented by the government. That is seldom how it works in most democracies today however. Policy is ultimately determined most by powerful interests and those connected to the political class. Thus in many matters such as trade, foreign policy, immigration, and so forth, the official policies adopted by the government are usually the complete opposite of the desire of the majority of the population.

  • Democracy is a broken system

    There is no perfect system, every single system is broken somehow. Democracy is imperfect but it is the best thing we have. It gives people the opportunity to choose their elected leaders. However, people with influence will always have a disproportionate amount of say and that will negatively effect the people.

  • Emphatically so

    The system right now is more focused on the two parties making one another publicly look bad than it is actually accomplishing anything. For that reason alone it is extremely broken, possibly beyond repair at this point if the two parties don't at least make an effort to start working with one another. As it currently stands, the problem isn't that nothing is getting done. The problem is the people in charge realize that and don't care.

  • Democracy isn't broken we're just bad at it.

    The problems the other side has been raising aren't fundamental problems with democracy they are problems with their own country. The main issues are with the culture with in politics and people's willingness to except the problems within. If there was a culture of people believing they are capable of genuine change, a system that accommodates for more than two or three parties and a political system that encourages inclusiveness. None of these things are mutually exclusive with democracy they are just not being done. Sure there will always be a conflict of interest and bad politicians by democracy is the only way you can effectively hold leaders accountable for their actions without violence. People are saying that the politicians don't represent the normal people, do you honestly believe a dictator is going to do that?

  • No, it is not broken, just imperfect

    Yes there are issues with democracy,

    'Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.'

    WINSTON CHURCHILL, speech, Nov. 11, 1947

    There will always be issues in any political system that is adopted, essentially it is up to those who recognise the weaknesses or imperfections to take action and fix them. Democracy provides the option for that if the majority agree

  • Imperfect, but not broken.

    Democracy has been a revolutionary and viable form of government for several centuries now, which is more than you can say for the failure of Communism. There are some things we need to do to tighten up the process, and chief among them would be to legally change the laws regarding corporations, that allow them to be recognized as persons.

  • We aren't using democracy

    No because it's not even being used. Idk why people don't think. This is how people can be tricked into giving up their freedoms. Do you realize we don't even live in a democracy? So how can it be broken? This is a republic that allows some democratic parts to it.

  • Flawed, but not broken.

    Democracy has pros (representation of every citizen, equality) and cons (will of the majority overpowers will of the minority, even if minority's will is more valid), but so does every other system. Republics and even monarchies can be good in the right hands. Same here. Democracy is not perfect, but it is not broken. It is not tyrannical, authoritarian, inhumane, cruel, freedom-less, or overwhelmingly unfair. If you want to talk about "broken" political systems, let us go to fascism, totalitarianism, anarchy, etc.

  • No, Democracy is Not a Broken System

    By its very definition, democracy allows individuals to have a voice in governmental decisions that affect their daily lives. Some of the leaders we have chosen in the past to head our political system have been deceitful - outright liars even, and that is what makes some people believe that democracy is broken, but they are wrong. No political system is perfect, but democracy is the most equitable form of government. We just need to make better choices about whom to put in charge of our democratic system... and lately, we have been doing just that.

  • No.

    Democracy isn't a 'broken system', because it does exactly what it's supposed to do, and therefore can't be considered 'broken'. It accomplishes what it intends (tyranny of the majority), and is therefore not broken. Whether or not what it is supposed to do is a good thing is another question entirely.

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