Is democracy a device that ensures that we are governed no better than we deserve?

  • Democracy Limits Governance

    The current laws for democratic government in the United States are designed to prevent officials from gaining too much power. The fact that this does not work is clearly evidenced by Obama's strong-arm tactics in forcing the Affordable Health Care plan upon the US. This individual was elected because of the democratic laws of the US; therefore, the democratic laws are either non-functional or the American people deserve who they chose.

  • Democracy is perfect in true form

    In true form, people come together under a democracy, so that society may find a balance. For example, in our current lack of democracy, we elect representatives to represent us, which means that a large portion of society is not represented. Add to that the fact that Corporations and the ultra rich have disproportionate power to the average person, due to the money effect on politics, and you realize that what we have is not a democracy at all, but a representative republic, which does not represent us. In a democracy, all votes would be counted equal. Law would not be created by a body of legislatures, but by votes and court decisions. Taxes and redistribution would be proportionate to what is fair. There would be a balance among all sects of society. More than likely this would eventually result in a classless society. Democracy is the most perfect form of government.

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