• Only Direct Participatory Democracy is True Democracy

    The modern term "democracy" is not consistent with the original meaning of the Greek term dêmos, “the people”. This newer term means "representative democracy", which is not the rule of the people, for the people, by the people, but is a transfer of their power and sovereignty to specific individuals or agents--their representatives. Now, as history has shown, these supposed "representatives" more often than not create and support legislation that is harmful to the majority of "the people". Therefore, this modern form of democracy is not true democracy. In a true democracy the people would never vote against their own interests. Modern democracy is a myth!

  • An elected Monarchy is not Democracy

    400 people to rule over 40 million doesn't sound nor indeed is it a democracy...It is merely allowing the ruled to elect their rulers every 5 years. Democracy is in essence about self government, the right of citizens to be involved in and to participate in ones own governance....While electing rulers every 5 years is an antithesis to self rule or government.

  • Do we really see democracy in this world?

    One of the criteria for determining whether a country is democratic or not is whether the people of the country enjoy the right to express their thought in public.But in most of the countries today we cannot see this right being used by people maybe they are threatened .We are being cajoled by the majority to not exercise our right and this is clearly not the spirit of democracy.As even a basic step of democracy cannot be practiced in a community then how can we say that a country is democratic. This clearly indicates that democracy is just a myth.

  • Democracy is a myth

    Actually where in the world is democracy truly practiced. One of the basic principles of democracy is the right to speak our mind out but even in a country like India it is not possible and there has been many such examples. If even the basic step towards building a democratic world can't be implemented, then yes democracy is a myth.

  • Democracy needs an elected representative!

    But in the UK, US and many other 'democracies', no one (at least only a tiny minority) vote for a representative. They vote for a party, because they have been manipulated to believe that only a party can create a stable government. This century had seen many countries sucessfully maintain coalition governments, you just have to take that further, by actually voting for a person, not a party. Then all those 'independent' persons come together to find a solution to the issues of the day, using the same 'majority' based system. And the best part of this, is you don't get a 'temporary dictator' in charge.

  • Co-Alition Scamming And Monarchy.

    In the UK we have a non-elected Monarchy, no-one voted for our co-alition Government, and no-one voted for Gordon Brown, this is after a vote of The People, none of which got what they voted for.

    The last time I checked no-one voted for our Monarchy, and no-one voted for a Cameron-Clegg synergy.

  • Democracy is definitely not a myth.

    Cause it brings equality and justice to the people and ensures freedom of speech. According to Dan brown:DEMOCRACY IS THE REAL VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. The most developed and economically and strategically rich countries are all democracies in one way or another. Democracy is definitely the true voice of the people of the world.

  • Democracy is not a myth but it is limited in scope.

    Democracy is not a myth. But it s limited in scope. It is perfectly reasonable and logical for groups of small numbers to take a majority rules vote to make a decision. The problem is that democracy doesn't work so well with large numbers. The more people there are, the more difficult it is to fully convey the issue at hand in a manner in which everyone equally understands, the more likely people are to be influenced by others when voting and there are many more varied points of view affecting decisions.

  • Democracy is not a myth

    In small and large nations, it is possible for democracy, both direct and representative, to exist. In a democracy, the people make decisions about legislation and national issues, and they make their opinions know through voting and other direct actions. The United States, Canada, and Great Britain are all representative democracies functioning in the modern day.

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