Is democracy a solution for Middle Eastern politics?

  • Democracy is a solution everywhere

    It may not be 'the' solution, but it is certainly 'a' solution. The problem is that it has to come from within the people of those nations, not be enforced upon them by someone else. I don't think Islam is the problem. I think the problem is the people doing terrible things in the name of Islam.

  • Solution for political problems in the mid east

    If you let the people choose their leaders many won't go to war or have such hate towards their leaders because they chose them. In the US, Obama was elected. Many like him, few don't. People like his actions therefore they won't fight him and the US is running smoothly. There are no protests everyday in streets for the president to step down. If the leaders are unjust the people will have the choice to abolish him.

  • Democracy doesn't work in Muslim cultures. They need dictators.

    Name one successful Democracy in the Middle East, besides Israel. Democracy is based on Judeo Christian values and does not work in the violent and evil ideology of the Satanic Islamic religion. We can see proof of this in every country WE'VE attempted to turn democratic. Iraq is chaos, Iran was overthrown by Islamists, Afghanistan is a wreck, Syria is moving from a dictatorship to an Islamic nightmare, Egypt is run by the Muslim Brotherhood. Etc. Etc. The only was to control these uncivilized monsters is with an iron fist so democracy is out of the question.

  • It is stupid.

    The Middle East got problems. Yup. I hope you agree. Deal wit it. I'm sure it will open in a while, and the next few weeks. The only way I see the tower, but it could have a good time. The only way I see the tower, but it could have a good time.

  • Democracy won't work in the Middle East

    Islam is contradictory to democracy. It is totalitarian in the sense that it claims that it is the truth and nothing but the truth. In a society where something as regarded as the absolute truth, there is no need to question anything about it and no need for anything else. Not to mention, it doesn't permit any other religions or beliefs, surprise, surprise. Islam can lead some people to do very bad things. It has also been shown throughout recent events that Democracy has failed completely.The Arab Spring was nothing BUT a failure and there was a democratic election in Gaza and Hamas (a terrorist organization hell bent on the destruction of Israel) was elected by the people. To have a proper democracy in the Middle East, Islam would have to be removed from the government at the least.

  • Democracy isn't always democracy - the application of this word is pluralist

    It depends on what one means by democracy. Should the people of Middle Eastern nations have a voice? Absolutely yes they should. Must the forum for this take place in an Anglo inspired democratic system? Not necessarily. For the time being there are many powerful and dangerous groups in the region and sometimes the best way to keep these under control is to have a form of government that is somewhat more stern than an idealist democracy.

    Time is crucial here - you cannot take a region and change its form of government overnight. Nor can you change it solely by external pressure and ear-bending alone. The western world needs to be patient with the troubles of the Middle-East and serve as advisers or sounding boards where needed on matters of human rights and law perhaps, but not by telling them how to run a government. I wouldn't argue a case that the US and the UK are great role models exactly.

  • No every country needs its own form of government.

    Perhaps a form of democracy could work in some middle eastern countries. But that is not for us to predict or to force. It would be better for each of these nations to come up with its own solutions, as there are other governing systems that can also be fair and positive.

  • History Tells A Lot

    In history, any time "democracy" has ever entered the region, it has ended in bloodshed and a worsened state. Not only has "democracy" failed improvements and created worsened situations, "democracy" has never existed except for in ancient Greece (hence my quotations). Any form of republic would likewise be the best interests of the politicians and any corporate threshold that so happens to exist in those nations and continue to punish the populace.

    No one will ever be able to stop the problems in the Middle East but the Middle East itself and the primary source of problems is Israel due to political, social, geographic, religious and military problems (hence why they have no reason to be in the Middle East but their own overzealous enterprise and the Zionist movement).

    If all NATO, UN and Western assets would pull away (and push for Israel's ultimate destruction) and leave the Asian powers to keep watch on the region, they may be able to handle themselves. However, we're doing nothing by feeding the flame and treating them like a game of Risk.

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