Is democracy a successful form of government?

Asked by: Belgarath
  • Democracy is successful; it's at least better than anything else we've developed

    The role of our government may be to govern us, but that doesn't make us less human then they are. In the end, we are all living things that deserve equality in every aspect. This is what democracy provides; the best for the people. Though it's not the absolute most fair thing, it's more fair than anything else - and suck it up people, but life isn't always fully fair. This is the best we can get, and I have to say, I think it's fine enough. It's better than anything else that humans have developed in the past, anyway.

  • It is not successful because the majority rules.

    Simply creating a chance corruption for the higher populated group or party. It is in human nature to want power, wealth and attention and one might do anything to achieve that. Also there is no perfect form of government invented till now. Since Government is idea formed by a human around his experiences and wishes. Therefore government is basically an opinion about how People should be governed. Why not asked "Should we govern each other?"

  • Because i said so adam khan

    Why should there be such a form of government which brings forth more harm than good. If people are too dangerous, then why would you elect those same people to be leaders? Politicians are the problem who hide behind their lies and dont suffer the punishment beacause somehow they have political immunity.

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