Is Democracy better a ruling system than Autocracy???

Asked by: Sadat_Hossain
  • Democracy rules and Autocracy is destroying lives!!

    Shouldn't everyone has the right to freedom of speech and autocracy is doing nothing to help anyone. Autocracy is literally the meaning of bossing someone. How about one day the government bands junk food and all sweets unless people start working out then what will happen. Protesting will happen. Then before you know it maybe innocent people dead and lots of people moving to different countries then what will you be left with a whole group of people that autocracy is helping stabilize the world. So what do you think? Like if you like it.

  • Um. Yes. Period.

    My response to a No argument:
    "01. Complete implementation of its ideology is impossible."

    So? What does "complete implementation"mean? Maybe complete implementation isn't what we ought to strive for and even when not reaching it, democracy is superior to autocracy. All human systems are flawed. You can't hold that against democracy alone.

    "02. Democracy, a system of the incapable. (Not said by me)"

    Ok, so you don't agree? We can just drop this one tehn?

    "03. Quantity more important than quality. "

    Autocracy doesn't ensure quality. I can give you a long list of incapable autocrats.

    "04. Expensive system."

    the question would be, though, is it worth it? And, anyway, I am not so sure, when you add the costs of the secret police necessary to prop up autocrats.

    "05. Slow paced."

    Is this necessarily a bad thing?

    "06. Lack of transparency and accountability. "

    Um. Yeah, you realize you are arguing for autocracy right? There is no transparency in an autocracy, by it's very nature. Accountability you would think would be something else, but who is the Autocrat accountable to? At least in a representative democracy, the elected individual is responsible to those who elected her.

    "07. A barrier to culture as it cannot distinguish between quality and quantity."

    Sounds like an unfounded assertion.

    08. Source of professional and commercial leaders."

    Sentence fragment.

  • Democracy may appeal to cooperation and public accountability.

    I think that Democracy may be better than autocracy in that it allows the members of an organization to collaborate with one another and deliberate over the rules and decisions being made. It also allows individuals to have a say over the decisions and rules that are affecting them, whereas in an autocracy, if you are not the autocrat, then you may not have any genuine control.

    Also, the advantages that autocracy posseesses, such as quick decision making, can be possessed by a representative democracy. However, an extra advantage brought about by representative democracy is that, unlike an autocrat and the subjects, it's the representative that is accountable to the constituents, not the other way around.

    Posted by: NPd
  • History supports Democracy

    Autocracies have never functioned well. One person in complete power always leads to assassinations and/or rebellions. Democracy has its flaws, as any political system does, but that does not mean that autocracy is better. It simply means that we need to do our best to correct the flaws in democratic systems.

  • The Least Bad Option

    Yes there are some major flaws with democracy, but think of a system without flaws. Look at the practical records of democratic and non democratic governments around the world. Democracies have consistently higher standards of living, better human rights, stronger economies, don't go to war against other democracies and more accurately take into account the consent of the government that all government is contingent upon. I would say that is worth a little inefficiency now and then.

  • Yes it is.

    Democracy is far from perfect, (Mainly because we as humans are far from perfect.) however, autocracy, totalitarianism, and authoritarianism are the greatest enemies of progress and freedom. Autocracy is complete rule by one person. This is absurd.
    Just look at the world; where is the quality of life best? Places with democratic governments. Autocracies are even more doomed to fail, because we as humans have a yearning to be free. I can agree with most of the points made my Sadat_Hossain, but I have a big problem with #6. You think that democracy has no transparency and accountability? And you want to replace that with an autocratic regime? Anyone can see this makes no sense.

  • Autocracy is corrupting

    Too much power can corrupt anyone. The autocracy would be nice for the ruler and his friends. Everyone else would be stuck on the losing end of the bargain. Democracy is effective ruling system because it includes everyones point of view on the issue at hand. There are many more social problems present in an autocracy.

  • What is the longest lasting democracy?

    A country, or an empire is meaningless if it is destined for an early grave. If you were to design a utopia, you wouldn't choose a system that contributes so greatly towards strife. An autocracy has the potential to be far superior to a democracy. While it isn't always better in every situation, there is no political ideology that is always better in every situation. In such, we must judge based on potential. An autocracy has a much higher ceiling.

  • Democracy is a cult of incompetence- Plato. Democracy is the counting of heads, not what’s in them!- Padraig Deignan.

    Some great points are up against democracy:
    01. Complete implementation of its ideology is impossible.
    02. Democracy, a system of the incapable. (Not said by me)
    03. Quantity more important than quality.
    04. Expensive system.
    05. Slow paced.
    06. Lack of transparency and accountability.
    07. A barrier to culture as it cannot distinguish between quality and quantity.
    08. Source of professional and commercial leaders.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-03-20T13:03:56.480
Both have pros and cons, but I think that, at the end of a day, it's an 'it depends'.