• Muslims no like democracy

    There are not a lot of Muslim majority countries or regions that use democracies as their form of government examples would be the countries in the Arabian peninsula, North Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Djibouti, Malaysia, Brunei, Gaza, West Bank, Turkey, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Muslim majority russian entities, central Asia, Southern philippines, Maldives, Pakistan, Muslim majority Indian territories, Bangladesh, and Indonesia (except east Nussa Tenggara and a few other non muslim majority provinces). These places are not really places that have democracy's seal of approval/guarantee. Maybe they were democracies before they became Muslim and maybe they will be democracies again when non muslims (trinitarian Christians, jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc) become the absolute majority (90+), up to the point where muslims in former Muslim majority regions have disappeared from the map.

  • Yes, Democracy in the Middle East is a problem.

    Middle Eastern politics are all over the place, some places have democracy's while others are ruled by dictatorships, it seems more often then not that Middle East states with a Democracy are seen as a threat by the other Nations in the area who don't want a wave of pro democracy to spread across their nation so they will react with military force against that nation.

  • Yes, democracy in the Middle East is a problem.

    I think that trying to impose democracy in the Middle East will always be a problem. There are way too many countries and nations there that are just set in their old ways to allow such an idea. I believe that people democracy. But it is near impossible in the Middle East.

  • No because it can help some people to understand that it is bad to do these things

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  • no, it's not a problem.

    The problem with the Middle East is that there isn't enough democracy. The elections are often rigged and even after an election takes place, the leaders are corrupt and come to clash with rebel outfits who want to overthrow them. The Middle East needs more stable democracies to straighten things out.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that them having democracy over in the middle east is a really good thing for them to have, and that it is going to end up being really good for all of the countries that have it, when they give all of the people there some rights.

  • Something that doesn't exist can't be a problem.

    Democracy in the Middle East is a problem, most likely because it doesn't really exist there. It's a little strange, but you need to think of that area as governed by a series of corporations. The various sheikdoms and kingdoms there are basically run by the local oil barons and their families. They're not about to give democracy a serious go.

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