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DEMOCRACY is the best form of govt.

  Yes democracy is the best form of govt. It grants us many things. 1.Right to speech. 2.Right to information. 3.Right to vote and etc. It represents each and every citizen equally whether you are poor or you are rich. In a monarchy or dictatorship no one can say or present their point of view. They have to follow what a single man says but in democracy we have been granted by RIGHT TO SPEECH.
Anonymous says2013-09-10T00:26:28.687
Umm.. That is in the constitution. It's a Republic, not a democracy. ON THE OTHER HAND, only a few amendments and protections of the United States Constitution favors a democracy. So you're somewhat correct. But you're going to need more information to really PROVE that it is.
reedman72 says2014-01-24T02:13:51.353
Not all democracies have those freedoms.
183078 says2016-05-16T16:05:45.077
Excuse me, communism gives you all of those things and it docent corrupt your mind like "democracy".
MoltenCheeze says2016-09-08T12:05:50.927
Excuse me, so propaganda doesn't corrupt your mind? K then
hermionegranger9 says2017-08-26T06:07:01.223
True but you have been persuaded by the media
michelle-iweala2 says2018-01-12T01:15:26.387
Your not really answering the questions propaganda
michelle-iweala2 says2018-01-12T01:23:50.747
michelle-iweala2 says2018-01-12T01:24:17.473
I actually totally agree with you
Anonymous says2018-06-12T13:26:47.980
Socrates is killed by democracy. Learn history.
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