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Monarchy is best

  Because in Saudi there is a monarch rule and people are happy there but in india democracy is there and people are not happy here . Democracy leads to corruption and corruption leads to pooverty. No maters if a country is ruled by one people or a group of people .Even one person is enough to rule a country if it is good.And if leaders are not good a group of people also cant rule the country..
vanditmalik says2013-07-17T16:48:49.307
ojashrawat says2013-07-17T16:58:14.840
U r rite
Anonymous says2013-07-31T15:07:52.367
Yes, I agree but it is only in saudibut not in all countries.
Anonymous says2013-08-14T12:10:24.547
What makes you think that people are happy under a monarchy?It completely depends on the monarch actually.We have both oppressive and as you say "good" monarchs,but anyone who takes away ones basic right to voice ones opinion in a civil manner or to protest against detrimental policies which would benefit only a selected few can never,in a 100 years be "good". And no,only one person cant rule a country that also as diverse as india! Imagine the riots and violence over the fact that this person isn't/is a muslim,sikh,hindu etc. And india is really not in a position to facilitate communal riots.We have had enough of those,if you ask me.
omnomnomer13 says2014-06-05T21:09:16.750
Thats a logical fallacy... Not all monarchies are represented by Saudi Arabia and not all democracies are represented by India... Canada is a happy democracy and when france had a monarchy, they were completely unhappy...
omnomnomer13 says2014-06-05T21:18:40.863
Thats a logical fallacy... Are all monarches represented by Saudi Arabia? Are all democracies represented by India? Canada is a democracy and people are happy and when france was a monarchy people were completely unhappy...
kirito1502 says2015-10-06T00:10:13.843
You spelled poverty pooverty, and in India some people are happy, and some people in Saudi aren't happy, + Donald Trump
Odannyboy says2015-10-26T06:09:02.983
"Good Grammer is your's," working; keep and logic good/ That's all me from
jaglajud says2016-02-18T14:58:55.037
You are generalizing, your point is based on how people from Saudi Arabia are happy because their form of government is a monarchy and in India they are unhappy because they have a democracy. But good examples are United States and Canada they are very happy with their government and democracy is very strong there.
Of course there are some countries where they are not happy but it dependes on them, the citizens have the right to choose who will govern and who is the best option for them.
Kanika.2000 says2016-05-31T11:26:26.357
Looking at the account of the princess of Saudi Arabia she does not seem at all happy. She seemed to be quite frustrated at the amount of marital rapes, gender inequality and religious intolerance.
steve.murren says2016-10-05T13:56:30.900
Please do research first before you say such statement
Ezeonwu says2016-11-01T19:04:56.403
A monarchy is definitely not the best form of government rather it is a democracy. In a democratic system of government, the people are free and are allowed to voice their opinions if they want. Human rights are upheld and fought for. In a monarch rule, only one person has all the power which leads to corruption because that person can do whatever they want without the people having a say in it because all the power lies on that person. In Saudi Arabia, the people are not free neither are they happy. The government restricts their freedom because they have no power. It is not like that in a democracy therefore a democracy is best.
Armaan13 says2018-06-09T00:48:47.347
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