• Democracy is the best form of government

    Yes, If not then what would the people will chose other than democracy, . Monarchy, I suppose not. Democratic states nearly always have freer people than autocratic states. They obviously have the right to vote for their government so by extension deciding the policy of their nation and what their nation should be like. They have more freedom of speech and expression than in autocracies. In particular they are free to criticise their own government.

  • Yes democracy is best. . .

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  • Democracy is Best

    Democracy is best as democracy gives people the ability to chose their representative and their representative makes the decisions which are better for the country. Democracy encourages equality in a positive way Democracy has a system which works to reduce issues with exploitation. Because of all these factors Democracy is better

  • Yes, Democracy is the best form of government because. . .

    Democracy, Although flawed in that it often results in corruption and disenfranchisement when the dominant group -- typically the rich -- yields more power than the poor, Often allows for the proper representation of the people.

    In other forms of government, Freedom is frequently curtailed and, More often than not, Entirely flawed with restrictions on what you can say, Who you can support politically, And where -- and from whom -- you can buy the necessities of life. And, In a Democratic society, You'll typically have the opportunity and ability to demonstrate without fear of persecution; and, Unless you live in a democratic socialist state, Some form of economic freedom.

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  • The importance of democracy

    The Importance Of Democracy
    The richest countries in the world are considered to be democracies, However, It is more than just the economic factors that make democracy a superior form of government. A democracy is beneficial because of its three structured branches of government. This type of system also ensures that you have equal rights. These rights and freedoms make sure that citizens’ voices are heard and acted upon. Democracy is essential for maintaining proper governance and ensuring that the citizens of the nation have equal rights and a valued say in who represents them. Democracy is also crucial for everyone to have a limited balance of power.
    An essential aspect of a structured democratic government is making sure that no individual or group exceeds too much power. Throughout history, Several types of governments have led to a dictatorship, But the more prevalent factor in determining if a dictator will take charge is the overall stability of the nation. The well-known dictator, Napoléon Bonaparte, Was similar to most dictators as he saw the instability and vulnerability of France as an opportunity to gain power. An example of this is also shown in the movie “Lord Of The Flies”. The savagery that resulted from Jack’s dictatorship in the movie is a result of one individual having too much power. The legislative, Executive and judicial branch in a democracy prevents an individual or a group from gaining too much power. The legislative branch makes laws that maintain control in the system, The executive branch ensures that these laws are put into action and the judicial branch reviews laws that are passed by the legislative branch if they don't abide by the Charter. A democracy also provides its citizens with equal rights and freedoms.

    Equal rights and freedoms in a democracy are important to maintaining civility towards each other. Without equal rights and freedoms, A government almost instantly turns into a dictatorship. A dictatorship such as Adolf Hitler’s lacked basic human rights, Which resulted in the genocide of six to twelve million jews. The freedom of thought, Freedom of religion, Along with the right to life was taken away from Jewish people. Democracy guarantees the citizens of the nation that they receive basic human rights such as the freedom of religion due to these rights being entrenched in the constitution.

    In conclusion, If there is only one dictator or monarch, There is no one to oppose their ideas, Meaning that even their biased opinions are put into action. However, In a democracy, Everyone’s ideas have an impact and are taken into consideration. A democratic government allows citizens to have equal rights and freedoms, And get their voices heard by electing a Member Of Parliament of their choice. This form of government runs the most tranquil out of all the varieties of government because of its well-organized structure. There is no other alternative form of government better than a democracy.

  • Of course democracy is the best form of government

    As we all know a democratic country rules within the limits set up by the laws set up by the country's constitution. I agree there is still corruption in some countries even though they are democratic, But if you take the majority the democratic country is more successful than a country ruled by a monarch. And also the government is chosen by the people. . . So the government knows what is actually good for the people.

  • Yes i agree. . . . .

    Lets take an eg. Of our country only.
    When Britishers were ruling over us is everyone in india were happy. . .
    Is everyone were satisfied with there laws. . . . .
    If so today also not an indian government were ruling. . . .
    No rights were given to us today also. . . . .
    Today also we indians only the one who were the suffers. . . . . .

    And this is the main reason that democracy is best form of government. . . .

  • I totally agree with this topic that democracy is the best form of government

    I support my stand by saying that they are the people only who make nation. Now tell me one thing what is government? . . . . . . . Governments are build for the welfare of people, To fulfil the needs of people so I Strongly oppose that democracy is not best form of government

  • No, not if it means simply majority rule.

    No, pure democracy is not, because democracy is simply the rule of the majority. The best form of government is one that protects all people. Without restraints on power, a simple majority vote can become as dangerous to an unpopular minority as the rule of a single autocrat. That is why America is not a simple democracy; that is the reason for the Constitution, for the separation of powers, for the Electoral College, and for the differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate. We have a democratically elected representative government, which almost certainly serves us better than any other form. But the difference between our government and a tyrannical one is not that ours is democratic, but that it is understood that even the government is not above the law, and that certain rights and principles are held inviolable.

  • It could be better

    I think that of the current options it might be the best, but I think democracy has its issues as well. For example, you get other people deciding who is eligible to participate. That is wrong. In the past groups were not allowed to decide because of they were poor or belonged to a race. Its majority rule practice I dislike as well. The majority can dictate how I am supposed to live my life even if they don't participate in what they are dictating about.

  • No right to vote.

    In India the right to vote is given to everyone whether rich or poor. The poor or illiterate people do not know whom they should give their valuable vote to, so they give the vote to their caste person and if the person is bad it is an injustice to the good candidate. The democracy states the right to vote, and in this case don't you think it is partial?

  • It is lie

    Because it is a lie. There is no true democracy right now. Majority only decides on candidates for a political office from given list and then the politicians decide instead of rest of population. So the politicians hide behind that lie and almost never go too prison for doing bad things because they have political immunity. So it isn't real democracy it is dream that will never come true.

  • Lack of information and greed of the common man.

    Democracy gives power to those who understand little of the current socio-economic state of the country, and what must be done to solve issues that arise within the nation. Economists which have studied economy-related subjects for years, and who understand these issues well, can struggle to find ways to fix economic issues within the country. Take the current economic position of the United Kingdom, and us losing our AAA credit rating to a second credit rating agency. The average citizen would have even less knowledge on how to fix these issues, and while Western Democracies do not work on the basis of pure Democracy, favouring Representative Democracy, the people still do not understand what is going on, or how to fix the current issues, and so will not know which party is best to vote in. I think matters should be left to people who understand them, and not who the people think would understand them best. People don't usually support what is best for the country, but what is best for themselves, and so I think knowledgeable people who do not think of personal gain but the benefits of the community as a whole should rule, much akin to Plato's Philosopher Kings. The people hardly understand what is going on, and who is most trustworthy as modern politics is rife with corruptions and lies. Democracys usually are rife with corruption. If the people do find out their power, they could instigate a Tyranny of the Majority, and for example vote money out of the treasury for their personal gain, and collapse the country. History has shown that the people are gaining more and more power, and eventually they will have too much and there will be no way to keep Democracy and Order.

  • No. Who said it is?

    In my opinion, a democracy can not work properly when the people are not competent or informed enough. Because a democracy gives the people power, people must be informed on political news and understand political concepts but a lot of people do not or they simply do not care. So, democracy is not the best form of government. But if you wanted to argue that it is, I guess you could say that because in a democracy the people have the power, the people get to decide on decisions that affect them. This is good for obvious reasons. In a democracy, everyone is entitled to free and public education. This, again, is good for many obvious reasons. A democracy also allows the people to have a broad common political interest, or political part, to share these interests and elect candidates to run for office. With a favorable economy, strong civil society, and most importantly, in my opinion, an active citizen participation, a democracy can be a great form of government.

  • No, it's oppression of the minority at the benefit of the majority

    Depends on what you define as best form? Supportive of human rights? Nope look at third world democracies, which make the majority of democracies, they oppress minorities, educated, and rich to appease and gain support of the poor to further their agenda. Allows the most freedoms? In a sense yes. But the best form of government is actually a theoretical form of government, called Panarchy in which government is like a product you can pick and choose the one you wish to join. The reason why Democracy is popular although is because it is the primary carrier of socialism, all democracies eventually become socialist. Socialism in response suppresses the minority to the benefit of the majority, which they go hand and hand.

  • People do not know what is best for them

    People just keep making strikes and rallies without any reason. They do not know what they want. People just look for what is best for themselves, not for the country. It would be better if some other superior person can decide.
    And also if some law or decision has to be taken, it takes a long time because it has to pass through all the councils. This will take a long time and by the time it is approved it may be forgotten by the people itself.

  • They don't care about are views

    Once we vote a guy into Congress they don't care about any opinion but there own most of the time. They will maybe ask us about less important things. Government does secret operations with out are knowing. So democracy is not perfect and easily sustained. If it was a democracy we would be able to tell the government not to start secret operations with out gaining are permission. Facilities like area 51 that they didn't tell us was real until recently. Democracy is the same as any government all of the power is held I'm government. Yeah we can impeach the president or a Republican or Democratic. Then the next guy comes along and takes power. There is people who select candidates that are allowed to run for President which it should be any ones freedom to run for President. Democracy is not as free as you think.

  • Selfish and depending upon majority

    Democracy is depending upon majority. They doesn't think what is good for the citizens. For eg: if majority is that, there should be no morality in school then it is taken away from school. This is not good. Democracy acts from the selfish whims of the depraved man. Since man is depraved only junk comes out from democracy.

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Anonymous says2013-05-29T16:33:55.417
Wengerocracy is the best form of government. Knowing if there is law is better than picking someone who says there is law.
Anonymous says2013-06-21T11:58:35.993
Democracy is for all
Anonymous says2013-09-06T21:51:37.207
I am of two minds. I think that democracy is good, but the democrats can be very pushy and upset with the government. Why should those of us that save our money have to pay for other people not saving their money and wanting more for 10 dollar lattes?
Wengerocracy says2014-05-20T23:51:45.433
Pay attention or taxes. When you go into that election booth to vote and see two candidates remember to watch the one who wins. Democracy is a great idea but wengerocracy is the greatest idea in politics. Knowing what every single leader of every single country did while ruling is a better form of government than democracy.
Wengerocracy says2014-05-20T23:56:43.163
Pay attention or taxes. When you go into that election booth to vote and see two candidates remember to watch the one who wins. Democracy is a great idea but wengerocracy is the greatest idea in politics.
Wengerocracy says2015-10-25T01:47:49.797
The future of intelligence is civilocity, a neologism defined as a form of government where we get to watch the leader of our country for the entire time anybody ever leads our country. Imagine that intelligence community. Power to the people!!!

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