• Democracy is the best form of government.

    Strongly believe that democracy is the best form of government because it offers things that other forms of government don't have, like human rights. We are also allowed to VOTE for our parliamentary leaders. This makes it fair for all people, whether as if you lived in a dictatorship, your leader would be chosen for you.

  • Everyone's Has An Opinion

    Democracy allows every individual to vote for their leader, basically deciding what their nation should be like. It allows people to give their opinion rather than just one person making decisions for a whole state of different minded people. It definitely isn't perfect, but it is the best we know.

  • It's the best form of government

    Democracy is the best way of government as it is for the people , by the people and of the the people . It's not like monarch or dictatorship it's actually way better than it because it's lets the people chose their representatives and help them with daily arguments or quarrel

  • It's the best form of government

    Democracy is the best way of government as it is for the people , by the people and of the the people . It's not like monarch or dictatorship it's actually way better than it because it's lets the people chose their representatives and help them with daily arguments or quarrel

  • Yes it is better than other types of government

    Hi yes it is ofcourse better than other forms of government. We shoul not criticize yes it is true it also have some demerits but still. Atleast we can expredd our views and elect our own choice leaders.It gives us a lot freedom compared of the phase of 1947. So it is the best form of government in comparison of others

  • Democracy is not a good thing for the government, Monarchy is better.

    Democracy is not the best to the government. Firstly, democracy is not effective and efficient to rule the country. The democracy in a country is participated by all the citizens and it may take a lot of time to decide some thing in the country through a election. For example, the election in America takes a long time and it waste a lot of money. Democracy in a government makes the policy hard to be accepted in the country. People may have a lot of questions on a new policy and some of the citizens always want to challenge the new policy. The government need to spend a lot of time to explain in details to the citizens. Secondly, democracy is easy to be manipulated by a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister controls the House of Commons in a many situations. For example, the Prime Minister in Canada has the power to add eight more seats in the Senate. Also, a Prime Minister can use the power of the party and ensure all the members in his party to volt for one single goal. It is hard for government to fulfill all the citizen’s will and make them focus on the same goal as a whole country. However, it will be easy to make all the citizens to focus on one goal and work in one position if the government is monarchy. Monarchy will be better. In this kind of system, a country has the ability to develop itself in a rapid speed and the national identity can be well presented. The advantages of monarchy is obvious. Firstly, there will be only one person that decides for the country, not all the citizens. So the decisions will be made quicker and there will be only fewer arguments on the new policies. Monarchy also reduces the large amount of money during the elections because there is no need for the country to select their next government leader. So the country can save a large amount of money to focus on other essential fields. In addition, the leader can only focus on the benefit of a new policy and does not need to worry about how people think about it. In monarchy, the ruler doesn't have to concern about the citizen’s approval of a new policy that he wants to publish. This allows them to put their full focus into important issues. In conclusion, monarchy will be better of the country to set up a strong and united country in a short time and it will be beneficial to all the citizens.

  • Democracy is the best

    Democracy is the best form of government in my opinion because it lets everyone decide who is the best to be their leader. It also is the only form of government that lets people voice their opinions and solves problems the best way. Most of the western countries are ruled by democracy and they are the most belive in whats right.

  • Yes it is

    Democracy is the best government form possible because it gives you the rights you desverve such as freedom, freedom of speech, voicing opinions.Etc. But anyways its anyone's choice to decide which government form they like best and this website is just everyone's own opinion so yeah choose whatever you think.🤗🤗

  • I will cast my vote for yes but with some side notes. A republic is better.

    The world that we live in now, or at least the US, has democracy. But from the positive come the spawn of lies and distraction from the true purpose. Here in the US many people care more about the small issue of gay rights rather than taxes or foreign policy. I am not saying it is not an issue, but they are in the minority of one in two hundred or more. And with democracy comes the young generation that inevitably believes populist propaganda that has no basis in fact, only promises that turn out to fall flat. Bernie sander's universal college? If you like footing the bill. True democracy is ideal, but I live in a bloated version of it. The poor are eating up money instead of working. Workers complain about jobs leaving. The truth is that no amount of tariffs will change the market. In order to keep jobs, you must be unpopular. Lower the minimum wage. Cut employer benefit requirements. Cut taxes. (That one should be popular) People complain about jobs going to china. Well, the truth is if you are a company and you have two options. Pay $25 an hour, paid leave, vacation, and healthcare. Or you can pick $4 an hour, in china, mexico, or whatnot, with no benefits. No amount of tariffs will stop the market from being free. But that's what we're about. Free market. 'Murica! Voting in a election that has some states rigged against others is no compensation for not having a job. Think about it, liberals.

  • Yes because Yes

    I just wanted to vote, because in my opinion, Democracy has better stability, the constitution, a well made system of voting, laws and more. Although, It is just an opinion, not a truth or statement. No need to get worked up about it. So don't get worked up about it.

  • H e y

    I don't mind. This is the thing. Democracy is bad because once the people in parliament decided then no need tone anxious about who wins.
    That concludes
    That democracy is very debatable but it can be good or bad in many different ways that is why I choose democracy is not the best form of government.
    This is my opinion don't attack me for this please.
    Thanks You

  • The Elite and Highly Qualified Should Rule

    It is obvious that democracy has consistently led to poverty, Corruption, And division throughout history. This is because voters do not understand the purpose of government, Do not understand their national history, And are extremely inept and incompetent. These same people are the ones tasked with choosing their leaders; naturally, They choose those most like themselves. In this way, The most incompetent are catapulted to positions in power where they blunder around and cause suffering. Democracy is inherently divisive and only accentuates inequalities.

    Instead of consciously selecting the least competent and the most corrupt people, Our leaders should be highly qualified. Aptitude tests should be used to select possible future candidates for government positions at an early age. These candidates should then go on to special academies where they will be trained for a future life of government service. This will minimize corruption and reckless policies.

  • A Republic is the Best Form of Government

    A republic is the best form of government because it doesn't allow the majority to have complete control. In a democracy the majority can vote to harm the minorities or do un-informed actions. It also doesn't make the voter have to inform himself on every topic. This allows the voter to give the responsibility to someone whose only job is to be educated about these topics. Overall a republic is superior because it puts checks and balances on the majority.
    Republic: a country that is governed by elected representatives and an elected leader
    Democracy: the citizens as a whole form a governing body and vote directly on each issue

  • What about Gandhi

    If the dictator is good and benevolent then dictatorships are better. WHAT IF YOUR DICTATOR WAS GANDHI! ? ! ? ! ? ! IT woudl be AWESOME! Think about it. . . What if I was your dictator. Im cool, Sexy, And soft so i would be a lit dictator and yuo would never complain. You northerners need to listen to me.

  • A Republic if you can keep it. Ben Franklin

    Democracy is majority rule and does not protect the rights of the minority. We have a Federal form of government. Look it up to know what it is. (Federalism) We have a Constitution and the rule of law. Many of those voting for Democracy have arguments that only fit a Republican form of government.

  • Increasingly About Money

    In some countries democracy seems to be increasingly about money. The U. S. Is the obvious example where millions are spent on elections with big events and glitzy advertising campaigns. This is not what democracy should be about and it discourages other countries from moving along the path to democracy. Indeed it undermines the very idea of democracy. Democracy when money is involved to the extent that it is in the U. S. A. Becomes elitist and corporatist because only the elite and rich businessmen can afford to fund the campaigns for congress let alone for the presidency. The 2008 campaign for the White House cost $1. 6 billion and the whole 2008 election including senate and house of representatives races cost $5. 3 billion. Autocracies obviously avoid this immense expense by avoiding elections.

  • Everyone isn't happy

    Democracy leads to no scope for morality because people are corrupt. Calling the Prime Minister "CHOWKIDAR" and " CHAIWALA" is not something our morals are about. There Is also a lot of fixing like tampering with the EVM happening during elections. Thus, Democracy should not be there because you cannot always keep everyone happy.

  • Democracy is bad

    Democracy as a form of governance is not the best form of governance because democracy doesn't work. . . . In a democracy the majority rules over the minority, Even if by one vote. There are no countries in the world that grant the right to vote to its citizens; the right to vote is granted to the electorate.

  • Democracy is for idiots

    Democracy can never work. Why? Because no government ever really can. However, One might say that democracy is the least of all the evils of government. The truth is that its not. Corrupting a democratic state is easy. Just look at Michigan. The new governor can't do shit because of the laws passed by the previous governor. All that needs to happen to corrupt it is to fill it up with corrupted people. In fact, That has already happened in the United States. All your stupid ass reps are getting paid off by companies who want them to advertise, Protect, And sell their shit. So no democracy cannot work it is flawed like every other government. In fact, Our current democracy is more like a plutocracy because all of the people in office are rich af. So, It will never work. What do you propose is the solution you might ask? Simple, Look at Singapore. They manage to get shit done and their government works like a well oiled machine. One might disagree and say, Doesn't tyranny come easily to a state ruled by one executive? While it proves true you have to consider how difficult it would be to have that happen in a meritocracy. People are elected based on merit. So obviously to achieve such a feat you would need to fake your life to get to office in order to turn the government sour. And if we are being honest, That would be so fucking hard (no pun intended). So is democracy the best? No. No it is not.

  • A Tyranny of the Majority

    Voting is an act of violence, A selection of who shall oppress the majority. People do not require coercive political leaders, And as long as they believe that they do, The world will be quite an unfortunate place. If people are too dangerous to govern themselves, Then who are they to select who should govern others, Too?

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Anonymous says2013-05-29T16:33:55.417
Wengerocracy is the best form of government. Knowing if there is law is better than picking someone who says there is law.
Anonymous says2013-06-21T11:58:35.993
Democracy is for all
Anonymous says2013-09-06T21:51:37.207
I am of two minds. I think that democracy is good, but the democrats can be very pushy and upset with the government. Why should those of us that save our money have to pay for other people not saving their money and wanting more for 10 dollar lattes?
Wengerocracy says2014-05-20T23:51:45.433
Pay attention or taxes. When you go into that election booth to vote and see two candidates remember to watch the one who wins. Democracy is a great idea but wengerocracy is the greatest idea in politics. Knowing what every single leader of every single country did while ruling is a better form of government than democracy.
Wengerocracy says2014-05-20T23:56:43.163
Pay attention or taxes. When you go into that election booth to vote and see two candidates remember to watch the one who wins. Democracy is a great idea but wengerocracy is the greatest idea in politics.
Wengerocracy says2015-10-25T01:47:49.797
The future of intelligence is civilocity, a neologism defined as a form of government where we get to watch the leader of our country for the entire time anybody ever leads our country. Imagine that intelligence community. Power to the people!!!

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