Is democracy the form of government that allows us to choose our rulers?

  • Democracy does, but this isn't a Democracy...

    I wish they would teach people in first grade that America is not a Democracy and never has been. It's a Constitutional Republic. In a true democracy there is no such thing as an electoral college. Also when people vote on a proposition their vote becomes law. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the U.S.

    Examples: Voters in California voted AGAINST gay marriage twice. Overruled by the Supreme Court. They also voted against benefits for illegal aliens. Overruled by the Supreme Court. Arizona voters decided to enforce immigration laws. Overruled (for the most part) by the Supreme Court.

    In other words, your vote means next to nothing, especially in a presidential election. I hope one day people will realize this and strive for a better system, but I doubt it will ever happen.

  • The premise of hysteria.

    Yes, for the main reason that as people we all like to generally complain about how things may not go our way and this goes towards many people's stances towards democratic governance. While all governments are flawed, and democracy is no exception, democracy is the indirect will and saying otherwise is merely a semantic attraction to those who are disillusioned by their government.

  • No, that's a republic

    I don't believe people understand what democracy is (not saying any of you don't) but a democracy is a system in which people directly vote for laws. There is no rulers, because people are literally their own rulers. Imagine the House of Representatives filled with everyone in the United States. That would be an actual democracy. We follow a Constitutional Republic, which I believe someone has already said. Democracy in reality can only work on small scales, because imagine 1 million people arguing and debating in one room. But I was thinking that with the advantage of the Internet it MIGHT be possible. Horribly ineffective however. You know that guy who can't be bothered to learn about politics because he simply doesn't like it? He would be forced to vote for issues he has no clue about, and doesn't want to know about. That is why we elect people to make intelligent decisions for us. However stupid these decisions may seem sometimes, there are a lot better than what an uneducated mass would vote for.

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