• Of course, but not western democracy

    Western democracy is tainted by the bourgeoisie and its rigged to their interest only, thus why they have two parties usually swapping places in places like the US, France, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Russia. They give you the illusion of choice, but you truly don't. Socialism is the ideology which means that the regular everyday people are in power of their life which democracy is fundamentally that. Then socialism is the road to communism. But thats a whole other topic which I wont get into.

  • Not in all cases

    While Democracy may indeed lead to Socialism, this is not always the case. In societies such as modern day America, it would seem that Socialism is an inevitable result of Democracy. However, in the event that the poor people of a nation take personal responsibility and do not expect the government to coddle them, Democracy can indeed exist without Socialism.

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