• Yes, Democracy is viable.

    This is a democracy. Why are you using a democracy to test if democracy is viable. In my opinion democracy is viable because the majority of people will get what they want. If your vote fails you will learn to cooperate with shit. So hold onto your head wanker! Peace.

  • Democracy is not able to effect change as fast as we need to to avoid the coming climate Crysis.

    Democracy takes too long, And peoples (especially Americans) repulsion by any sort of socialism means that the change we need is unattainable using democracy. We are at the point that only violent revolution can change things fast enough to possibly save us.
    On top of that, Democracy is ultimately self-defeating, Because people have used it to put people in power that then instate dictatorships.

  • Democracy is inherently flawed.

    Democratic nations are by nature doomed to collapse into chaos, They are disunited and party politics takes precedence over what is good for the nation. Things are also done at a stupendously slow and inefficient rate, Which doesn't bode well in times of crisis.
    They can be easily influenced by foreign forces, Lobbyists and agendas.
    What is really needed is a state with a strong leader who can guide their nation as a shining light in these dark times we live in. Only then can a nation achive peace and unity.

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