Is Dennis Rodman our best ambassador to North Korea?

Asked by: LindaMc
  • Yes, he is

    The best ambassador for us to the North Koreans is the one who can warm things up with them and can establish any kind of relationships with that country. In this case, I think Dennis Rodman actually is our best shot here, as much as it blows my mind to think.

  • Yes He Is

    Unfortunately, the United States does not have a great ambassador to North Korea. We have tried and failed. As of right now Dennis Rodman seems to be the guy. I know it sounds funny but Kim Jung-un likes the guy and they seem to be friends. That is more than any other American can say.

  • Only as a decoy.

    Dennis Rodman represents the worst of western excess. The best ambassador to North Korea would be an army of several million highly trained individuals to summarily divide the people into sympathizers and supporters of the regime and victims of it. A forest of tall trees and a series of short ropes should be sufficient reward for the former and hot meals and counseling for the latter.

  • No, Dennis Rodman should not be ambassador to North Korea.

    Dennis Rodman is not a political figure, he is a basketball player. He is rude, obnoxious and a joke. He married Carmen Electra as a joke. Come on people! Dennis Rodman as an ambassador? It doesnt matter who likes him, it would be a mistake to send him over to represent the U.S.

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