Is Denzel Washington the best black actor ever?

Asked by: Ghassen
  • Yes he is

    He is the greatest of al time. Hands down. He's a natural when it comes to the camera and his roles never cease to amaze. He is riveting and always draws me to his movies. I cannot think of one bad performance. No debate here, he is la crem de le crem.

  • Two oscars, yep.

    Although most of Denzel Washington's characters are the same, he plays them up extraordinarily well. Look at Adam Sandler for example, all of his characters are exactly the same but to me his characterization of the role is also the same. Denzel Washington at least gives his character roles emotion and he becomes the character that fits in with the movie. I personally think Denzel is a fantastic actor. Next time you watch one of his movies, like John Q look past the character and look at the emotions that are an intricate part to his role.

  • Best all time?

    If he's not the best all time he's every close. No one currently comes close to the levels of talent he has. Denzel truly is one of a kind! Every movie he is in is truly one special flick. He will certainly go down as one of the best all time!

  • Maybe of his generation - but that is questionable too

    Denzel is a fine FILM actor. But he is (like many film actors) required to play versions of himself in all of his character - see also Tom Hanks, John Wayne, Et al.
    Even his stage work - including A Soldier's Play - is just him being a version of him. I would the range for Eddie Murphy even is better. . . He was 19 doing BHC and SNL. There are too many quality actors that never reach the fan of Mr Washington with more talent.
    This is not a slight to his talent but GOAT is too much an example of 'prisnor of the moment' mentality

  • Doesn't become character

    Denzel makes all of the characters he plays become a version of him rather than him becoming the character he is portraying. This is why all of his characters seem alike. Denzel doesn't show much range because he doesn't become the character he is playing. He makes them become a version of Denzel.

  • He's good, but not the best.

    There are a few names in rotation for best black actor everywhere. While Denzel Washington is near the top, as is Will Smith, I would say that the role of best ever goes to Sidney Poitier. Refusing to take stereotypical black roles in an age where those were the majority roles offered to black performers, Sydney was a trailblazing pioneer who made sure that black actors like Denzel could have a career.

  • BUCKWHEAT destroys all

    Basically Buckwheat had twice if not three times the skill old Denzel has. He thrilled and entertained countless generations and still does today. Plus Eddie Murphy did a impression of him and impression is the highest form of flattery! This is no contest in my mind..Buckwheat is hands down the greatest black actor of all time.......Honestly though...I don't think Denzel is...Samuel Jackson, Sidney Poitier both come to mind as better.

  • Sidney Poitier #1

    While taking nothing away from Mr. Washington's talent and career, I can not in good conscience call him the greatest Black actor ever. That title belongs solely to Mr. Sidney Poitier. His groundbreaking performances transcended the "usual" roles for men of color and opened the door for others to follow. At a time when Black men portrayed comedic buffoons, slaves, butlers and servants, Mr. Poitier was gave us educated characters such as a teacher, a doctor, and a sophisticated detective you may cal Mr. Tibbs. Sidney Poitier was the first male black actor to be nominated for an Academy Award (for The Defiant Ones), and he became the first black person to win an Oscar for Best Actor (1963) for his role in "Lilies of the Field". I believe it is crystal clear who deserves the title "the greatest Black actor ever".

  • I don't think so

    Don't get me wrong he is a very talented actor, but to say the best ever might be stretching it. I would even debate him being the best currently living when people like Sidney Poitier are still alive. How exactly do we quantify it? By number of Oscars won or what?

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