Is Deportation a Good Solution to Illegal Immigration?

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  • Immigrants also want that American Dream.

    Many Immigrants who migrate do it for a reason. They want a better life for them and also for their children, we shouldn't allow them achieve what they want to do. Also it would take millions of dollars do this. Many of these immigrants are doing jobs that legalized people don't want to do as well.

  • Not Strict Enough

    It's too inefficient. We don't have the resources to cover the entire border, so punishments for illegal immigration must be greater to deter more illegal immigrants.

    Also, there needs to be more investigation into each person who applies for Food Stamps and other government assistance so as to find more illegal immigrants. Finally, children of illegal immigrants should NOT be granted citizenship.

  • there are both sides to this.

    There are both sides to Deportation. In the way it can help country by reserving jobs for citizens of the country. Illegal Immigrant can be unsafe to the country. On the other hand It can break family ties, and fairness to people that has lived here for half of their life. For people who came to America long time ago should be considred.

  • Alot of immigrates migrate for a better life.

    Deportation isn't a good solution to illegal immigration because no matter what people can find their way back. Alot of people who deported end up leaving famililes and jobs behind. I believe in giving people a chance to prove their worth and show who they are as people. Alot of people come here to escape proverty and provide for their families so why deny them that chance if they are already living here.

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