• Depression is a state of mind which can be improved through different methods.

    I used to be depressed around two years ago. Real depression. The kind where a serious three day nap would be needed to function. I would stay indoors all day and would only ever go out if I had to: school, Groceries, Walk my dog, Etc.
    I met this friend, However, Who would become the reason why I find myself happy today.
    He pointed out that depression was a choice.
    And, Like all of you folks on the other side would react, I looked at him with disbelief and told him he was as ignorant as anyone could get.
    I was later to be proved wrong.
    Buying me a planner, He made me promise him to always fill my schedule up with things I wanted to do. But since I was depressed and wanted to do nothing, He suggested that I start with pushing myself to work out.
    So that's what I did.
    Two months in, I saw changes in my outer, As well as my inner, Self. This would later motivate me, Up to this day, To start planning my days with activities that I began to enjoy.
    So, Yes. Depression is a choice, Subconsciously, Based off of the actions you take,

  • It IS a Choice

    People DO wake up and decide to be depressed because of a lack of self-esteem. All you have to do is smile. Make an effort to be happy and the symptoms will go away. Depressed people are just seeking attention, And want an excuse to be lazy, And throw themselves pity parties.

  • Brainwashing is not a choice, Depression is!

    "It's a mental disorder". . . "it's a chemical imbalance". . . If you really research where these statements come from, You'll soon realize the come from the doctors that endorse these large pharmaceutic companies and get paid big bucks to promote their new drugs. We have been brainwashed to believe it's a disease. . . It's not, Trust me. . . I suffered from depression for many years until i woke up one day made a choice not to be like the rest of the world. . . It was very hard but i fought my way into a different way of thinking and today it's a simple as turning the page of a book to switch from feeling sad to being happy and motivated in life. The feeling of depression is real, But so is the ability to overcome it. . . So yes, It is a choice because i made it.

  • I think it is

    Life experience taught me that in order to be happy one must understand his own psyche to the point where they can determine the root of their negative thought. It is all about working out yourself and trying to better faulty aspects. I was depressed for months at a time and it all faded away after I tried to change. It is hard work, So naturally people will try to go the easy route. The "depressed" route

  • It is a choice.

    Studies have shown that only liberals are depressed because liberals choose to be sad and angry at everything and everyone in life. That's why most liberals are protesters and rioters and shoot up schools, While conservatives usually believe in nature conservation, Hence their title. Nature is inherently not depressed, Therefore depression is not natural so you have to induce depression to become depressed.

  • It is a choice

    We people live through choices. Our life depends on what we people decide. Now, If you choose to look on the positive sides of life you'll not get depressed at all, Yes, You may feel sad but it'll not get to the point that your depressed because you chose to live happily. If you chose to look and live with all the negativity, Yes you'll get depressed of course. Why? Because you chose to live with it. That's my PERSPECTIVE AND MY OWN OPINION.

  • You are choosing to feel the way you are.

    You can tell yourself you are depressed over and over. Example:family matter like a divorce of parents can what you could say is making someone depressed but really there are other people that wake up in the morning everyday feeling that exact same about a family matter. There are people everyday that could be depressed but are not because they choose to live the best way they can live knowing if they feel sad they won't be able to fulfill their life goals and being able to be happy all the time you need to be happy.

  • Live or die?

    Too many people THINK they are depressed, When in fact in reality they are NOT experiencing anything worse that 1000's of others that get up in the morning - and get on with life.
    We ALL have problems. Its just that some (most) of us GET ON with it - get out - do our jobs, And carry on.

    If - on the other hand we succumb to these "normal problems" in life - and seek so called professional help -- the "oh dear doctor - I feel so depressed " - The "easy way" out for everyone is to say - "oh dear poor you" … comes trotting out. . And so now we are on the slippery slope to being made to feel even worse - aided of course my medication. .
    And NOW YOU ARE TRAPPED - an endless cycle of feeling depressed (when in reality - you are just afraid of "getting in with it" ) - and further and further intensive " convincing that you ARE depressed" by so called experts

    A never ending cycle of self pity - aided by medication and so called advice from therapists … when in fact being told that life is hard for us all!

  • Depression is a choice...

    In order for you not to be depressed, you can just say "I'm not depressed." It is not forced upon and you can choose not to be. It is a chemical imbalance in the that is stopped if you simply choose not to think those thoughts. Nobody forces you to think, that would be mind control, which as far as I'm aware we're all humans and animals that don't have that ability here. It can be persuaded and sometimes stronger than others, but it is laziness if you let yourself be depressed because I promise you that you don't have to be if you just get up and choose to start thinking differently.

  • I'm not saying depression is not a real problem, but for the vast majority of younger teens it is usually a normal feeling

    For some reason everyone around my age now has depression. And not only that, but many go straight towards drugs to try to "fix" themselves. Using drugs as a crutch in life, is going to have consequences.

    These emotions of not feeling worth, being sad, wanting to die are pretty normal. We're all insecure as human beings, and depending on what you've experienced in life that could make it a bit rougher for you. For example bullying, growing up in a rough household, losing someone close to you. We all have something wrong with us, we aren't supposed to be this perfect specimen, you all want to be.

    Now it's your choice if you let it define you. You can make yourself wake up in the morning. You can make yourself apply for jobs. You can make yourself some breakfast. You can stop focusing on the things you dislike about yourself. You are NOT being held down against your will, you are not paralyzed and confined in your bedroom or a chair. You can start slow, think good thoughts. Think positive. I may sound ridiculous to some of you, but little things like this make a huge difference.

    I was someone who never left my room, didn't eat, never changed my clothes. I wanted to end my life, I had written my letter and visualized how I would do it. I have sympathy because whether or not you believe depression is a choice, I've experienced to some extent what others have.

    I'm here today because I chose not to listen to my thoughts, I chose to tell myself I had a purpose. I want to make my mother happy, and that's what keeps me happy. Getting closer and closer to goals I have set up. Yes it's not an easy process, I struggle with social anxiety as well that is self induced from the lack of socializing I did when I was younger due to my bout with "depression". I'm working in health care, which may come as a shock to you all but no I will never impose my personal beliefs of depression being a choice on anyone. I realize that's insensitive, and would be disgusting of me.

    In the end I don't care if you agree with me or not, as long as you find happiness I'm happy because everyone deserves that.

  • Can we educate ourselves for once

    Most ''YES'' and ''NO'' arguments are assumptions based on ''primal intuitive'' understanding of a very complex and media distorted condition. Depression IS NOT a feeling. It is not a fleeting sadness caused by external circumstances. The misuse of the term ''depression'' to refer to sadness and/or to hyperbolize a case of mere disappointment is perpetuating the idea that depression and negative feelings are one and the same when it IS NOT.

    I'm also sick of people without scientific background constantly referring to depression as a chemical imbalance when the causal relationship (even correlation) between the two has never been established. The term ''chemical imbalance'' is not even labelled by the NCBI database. It shows that ''chemical imbalance'' has no scientific significance due to the lack of rigorous methodology in place to prove its existence. Psychiatry is a pseudo-science.

    Depression is A NEAR-PERMANENT STATE OF BEING, OF TORMENT AND ANGUISH. I choose what I think. I choose what I do, but I don't choose how my soul gets to be tortured or what intrusive thoughts are being suggested to me. I've been living in this state, this first chapter of Hell, for more than a decade despite being ''functional'' and being able to play the role of a ''normal'' female citizen.

    Ask yourselves, if I can recover in an instant, why wouldn't I choose the easiest path that leads to health? Since I have some last minute studying to do, I'm just going to leave it here.

  • It Is Not

    Depression, particularly depression in children, can be the result of genetics. A common trait found among persons with depressive tendencies---including suicide---is an excess of serotonin receptors in the brain. Because such individuals have this excess of receptors, they require higher quantities of serotonin (and other similar chemicals) than the average person to stabilize their mood. The only way to acquire excess serotonin receptors is to be born with them. While environmental factors can definitely contribute to a depressive personality, it is possible to be born with a predisposition to this disorder, just like schizophrenia or autism or ADHD or any like condition.

  • In general, depression is not a choice to choose.

    Psychologists refer occurrence of depression to numerous factors such as environment , seasons, genetics and sometimes pretence of being depressed to get advantages of people around you.
    Other considerable factor is the strong relationship between suppressed anger and being depressed.
    To sum up,Hopefully depression is diagnosable and treatable easily by referring to an specialist.

  • A chemical imbalance is not a choice

    If you honestly think depression is a choice, go fuck yourself. Im sure half of you have no idea how depression feels. Do you honestly think people enjoy being sad for absolutely no reason? Obviously not. Medicine has been proven to help because it is a mental disorder..A disease. If someone had cancer, would you tell them to just stop having cancer? Hell no.

  • Depression deals with the brain

    YOU can believe that you have depression but you cant choose it. It is said to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. So there fore I believe that it is not a choice. It can be treated but that still doesn't mean you can go out and tell everyone you have depression Yes some people have serious depression but they didn't choose.

  • Depression is in fact not a choice, But a very serious mental illness

    There are many types and form of depression that one can be diagnosed with. Though symptoms can improve with treatment, The depression itself never truly goes away. This is because, For most individuals diagnosed with depression, This disorder is due to how one is biologically, Hormonally, And neurologically constructed. Personally, My body is unable to produce enough serotonin on its own without the help of medication. Did I tell my body to do this for me? Absolutely not. I was born with it, And inherited it from my father. The side effect of not having enough serotonin naturally produced within my body was in fact depression. I can understand why some individuals may believe depression is a choice because they or someone they know either have never experienced it, Or they simply experience situational depression. Individuals who are diagnosed and treated for situational depression take this idea that they were "cured" and believe this applies to everyone with depression when it in fact does not. Every case is different.

  • It takes one to know.

    Prior to an incident I had a few years back, I would say "What's wrong with those people who say they are depressed? . Why don't they just snap out of it? ". Now I know what depression is like. It would have been easier to be in prison. Time really does heal everything.

  • It’s not a choice.

    Depression is a mental illness that many people suffer from. If you’re stupid enough to think it’s a choice, You just need to wake up. I suffer from depression and can tell yuh now, If I wanted to not be depressed, I wouldn’t be depressed. Thanks for reading this, Commies.

  • What the actual fuck?

    There are SHIT TONS of f***ing scientific journals that prove depression is a legit disease and not something that is pulled out of someones ass. And some people think that depression is a choice because positive thinking? What the fuck is next? Essential oils? Crystals? Aged urine? If you think that depression is some cash grabbing cow that was invented by the big pharma, You are probably also an antivaxxer or you believe that the earth is f***ing flat.

    If depression is not real, Why does it need medicine? Why is it a medical diagnosis? Why is it classified as an illness by the WHO/APA/DSM/whatever?

    People who think that depression is a choice needs to go back to 3rd grade because the education system of whatever country they came from obviously failed them.

  • No, It is not a choice, And depression means two different things

    A lot of people get confused between conventional depression and actual depression. It is true that your lifestyle etc can lead to depression, And those things are avoidable to a degree. However, Depression is an effect, Not a cause, It's an experience.

    A healthier diet and lifestyle can help prevent depression, But depression can occur due to things you cannot control or be blamed for. Also, Once you do get depression, Even if some things that lead to depression are avoidable, You have depression and it's not something that you can simply instantly remove.

    The best defense for getting over depression is gratitude because the primary agitator for depression in most people is escalation and seeking help when none seems around or helpful. However, In medical depression, There is two layers - lowered mood (actual depression) and agitated state (conventional depression).

    Lowered mood (medical depression) is biological, The chemicals that enable you to be happy are diminished, So it becomes harder to experience joy as it either becomes a psychological blunted affect or anxiety.

    Everyday negative emotion (colloquially termed as "depression") is not so much biological but a state of mind. This is the product of triggers, And triggers can be avoided, Only in anxiety-depression, Many things trigger you and that is another biological condition that makes things harder.

    Depression has nothing to do with self-esteem. But people with depression are highly inclined, Due to lowered mood, To experience negative emotions. People without clinical depression won't understand this because their emotions are resonant and they feel more vitality.

    I read some saying that depression is a choice also state that "liberals" are more likely to be depressed. That's not true, Liberal people are more likely to be carefree and live party / no-limit lifestyles. Both non-liberal and liberal people experience depression and equally can experience negative emotions about their differences in opinion.

    Animals, Even plants, Can exhibit depression, I. E. A lack of sunlight in both plants and humans trigger lowered vitality and energy, Preventing resonant reactivity.

    The Western world is more likely to exhibit depression, Due to diet, Circumstance, Etc. This is not the result of the ways the Western world functions per se, But rather the preference of "health care" over "healthy lifestyle". People cannot however be blamed for the world they are born into, Or their lack of understanding, Awareness is something that involves education and not all techniques work for everyone.

    Still, Even a very healthy person can become depressed at some time in their life. There is no reason why a person would elect to feel bad.

    Attention-seeking is also not a cause/reason of depression, But when a depressed person does not feel cared for, They may escalate internally if not externally to the extent of being noticed but this is no different to how a baby cries or a puppy howls for its mother when in need.
    And it is how people act negative/uncaring towards the depressed that creates suicidal tendencies, Not depression itself.

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