• Um, of course

    "Being sad is not an illness"
    Seriously? Depression isn't a feeling. It's not being sad after a break up. It's a chemical imbalance in your brain that makes you unable to think happily. Of course no one has a reason to be depressed, that's the point. That's what makes it an illness. The fact that you're unhappy no matter what.

  • Yes.

    Depression is a disease, and has always been considered to be one. I do not agree with with Manik123, who likens it to pain. Pain is a symptom but depression is a disease. It has its own symptoms, and one of them can be pain. Fortunately, depression is easily curable these days with drugs like Prozac. People suffering from depression should never hesitate to seek help. There is no reason to suffer in silence, when the cure is so easily available.

  • Yes Depression is an illness.

    Doctors now recognize depression as a mental illness. It is more than just a fleeting emotion or mood. Clinical Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. What makes depression difficult to deal with as a sufferer, is that depression is an illness that is not visible to casual observers. Well meaning family and friends will often say things like get over it, it's all in your mind etc. You can't will your way out of depression just like you can't will your way out of any illness.

  • Yes, it's real

    Its one of those things that you don't get it until its happening to you. Its both physical and mental. And the hardest thing about it is that you cant talk about it. You walk into a room with a broken leg and everyone will sign your cast. You have depression and you're weak, selfish, attention seeking. Depression like cancer is not something you choose. It simply happens. To good anyone regardless of where you come from or how well off you may or not be. Just like cancer if you're family has a history you are at higher risk of getting it. The science is there to support that this is in fact an actual medical condition. Its like saying well i can physically see gravity and despite what you crazy science people may say, its not real.
    You don't have depression. You don't get to deal with the turmoil of endless thoughts and physical pain that go with having with decease that never goes away. Great! Good for you! And yeah freedom of speech. But why does it upset you so much that you feel the need to downplay and negate another persons experience?

  • Depression is REAL!!!

    What is Depression? Depression is a mood disorder characterized by low mood and a wide range of other possible symptoms, which will vary from person to person. An illness that can develop quickly or gradually, and be brought on by life events and/or changes in body chemistry. It can strike anyone, and is curable.
    There are many types of depression, which have different affects on different people, for example; Mild Depression, Major Depression, Bipolar Depression, Postnatal Depression and Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD).
    More than 350 Million people suffer from Depression; they say that Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. 15% of people who have Depression die by suicide. I am a teenage girl who suffers from Anxiety and I fear that I have a form of Depression, my dad also suffers from Depression. Tell me again how depression isn't real?

  • Being sad is not an illness

    But depression is. Depression is not fleeting sadness, or even sadness that lasts a few days. In my personal experience, depression is a combination of intense apathy and anxiety that prevents me from doing, creating, or appreciating life the way others are able to, which stems from a diagnosed chemical imbalance in my brain. Yes, my depression sometimes makes me sad, but more often it just takes away my capacity for emotion entirely.

  • Depression is real.

    Im a young teenage boy who used to believe depression wasnt real. I have had depression primarily since I lost my best friend, and I also have a dysfunctional family. My mom would always say depression didnt exist and that I was just beoing selfish. But after awhile of depression symptoms I finally decided to go see a psychiatrist. After tests and what not she came to the realization I was depressed. I didn't believe her though, That she could make me feel normal again. But she has had many good results so finally it made sense. There are many people in the world with depression symptoms. There are the people in the world that help depressed people get better through meds and therapy and these people believe that depression is an illness. Then there are people in the world that don't believe that depression is an illness, these people tell people with depressed symptoms that they are just being selfish and stuff. But the people that say Depression isnt real don't help people become better versions of themselves. The majority of the results come from doctors who study this stuff and say that depression exists. Thus they are the winner. In the end it doesn't matter if depression is considered an illness or not, but it does matter if they get better. If there was a cure for cancer that had more positive results would you take that form of getting better or a non doctor with not as many good results form Of getting better.

  • Depression is real.

    I'm a young teenager and I have depression. I lost my best friend and thats primary what triggered it, as well as being in a dysfunctional family. I Have tried to believe that depression isnt treatable or an illness but after awhile of listening to my mom saying its all in my head and I am selfish, II finally asked to go see a counselor AND I took tests and stuff and the counselor came To a realization I was depressed. At first I didnt believe her, that she could help me become me again. But she has helped probably hundreds of people heal from depression. So that is what decided it for me. For the people that say depression isnt real, the people that have depression symptons need help. Some people think that the only way they will feel better is if they kill themselves. But it doesn't have to be that way. My psychiatrist has helped a ton of people through meds and therapy combined. People like my mom believe that depression isnt real. But there defiantly is people with depression symptoms in the world, and the people that make people better versions of themselves are the psychiatristss and doctors who believe its real. People that dont believe its real and that people say people should just be happy and stop being selfish. Those are the people who aren't helping anyone. I don't think the issue of is depression real or not, is an issue more than the actual issue whixh is making people to not have depression symptoms. But the people that heal people say depression is an illness and so I believe them. I'm just a kid so I might be wrong but thats what I believe

  • More than just sadness.

    I guess I'm a little biased because I have it myself. But there is a huge different between being sad and being depressed. Sadness is a human response, something that can occur normally. Depression is an entirely different situation. Not only are you sad but it is a constant sadness that usually happens for no reason. Not to mention the aches and pains, loss of appetite, anxiety and many other symptoms. What I wish people would understand is this is not quote sadness they describe. It's more complex than that. Now there are some who claim they have depression for attention but there are people who actually have it. Just my opinion, thanks for listening.

  • Of course depressions real.

    Its always there. Sadness goes away, depression doesn't. Depression is something that haunt people constantly. "sad" people don't want to jump off a building. People need to be more aware of depression and know the facts before saying it isn't real. The fact is many people today have to face and suffer with this illness.

  • Compared to cancer? No way.

    You can not compare depression to cancer... Cancer is a physical disease. Your body is literally fighting itself and shutting down. Depression is mental. It is an emotion. Loss in everyday activity? Perhaps it is because you do not feel fulfilled or because your everyday actives are not appealing any longer. There is an imbalance in our society... Between materialism and the natural world. Stop buying things and consuming... Instead go on a walk in a forest or something. We all come from the Earth, and I believe in something that many people in the modern world have lost, and that is that true contentment lies in nature. I honestly believe with every fiber of my being that a person could overcome depression if they dedicated their LIFE to being happy. But people just don't want to, they want to go to the doctor and take pills and feel better. The pharmaceutical companies have brainwashed you into taking the easy way out. Feeling sad? Put some effort into changing your life. Don't cover it up with medications.

  • Personal Experience - NO WAY.

    I have gotten depressed to the point of not being able to function at times. But I happen to be transsexual (a girl trapped in a man's body).

    ^^That sucks. It is so humiliating to never be referred to by the pronouns I identify with.

    Whether people think transsexuality is a mental illness or not (which it's NOT), homosexuality is a lot more accepted by people than it used to be (note: sexual orientation and gender identity are completely different).

    But the point is: being in the closet isn't fun. And being out of the closet still isn't fun.

    It's fun when you can be you, but as soon as people become super-duper mean to you, it can be hell.

    I've been depressed most of my life. BUT - I've also been closeted most of my life. And I'm still depressed (because being transsexual is a bit more complicated than simply coming out because you still LOOK like a guy until you have a lot of time to transition into looking more feminine by surgical and hormonal means).

    If I was gay (I'm not) instead of trans, I would've been depressed most of the time in the closet but "almost instantaneously" un-depressed upon coming out.

    Since I'm trans, it's taking a lot longer.


    The BRAIN definitely has chemical changes in it **DURING** depressed times.

    But when you get UN-DEPRESSED (by removing the depression-trigger-events) than it reverts to normal.

    Taking medicine to "fix you" doesn't work because the source of the "chemical imbalance in the brain" during depression isn't the brain not working correctly because it's messed up --> the SOURCE is the TRIGGER EVENTS (humiliation from society, poverty, struggling to feed yourself, having no friends, etc. ALL ROLLED INTO ONE).

  • Created by media, pharmaceutical companies and our attention-seeking society

    ‘Depression’ cannot be proved physically, mentally, spiritually, or in any way shape or form because it does not exist. It is simply a selfish cry for attention. The ‘chemical imbalance’ that is supposedly fixed by pharmaceuticals has made their respective companies wealthy, they make money off narrow-minded and selfish people’s inability to cope with disappointment and failure, with loss, with hardship. Quite ridiculous to claim that a chemical imbalance or genetics causes hardship in life, bad relationships, failure in career and social aspects. Everyone has bad days. People in third world countries have a lot more than any depressed person ever could, but a 'chemical imbalance’ in their brain and ‘depression genes' didn’t cause their hardship, suffering, or all the suicide’s that happen over there. THEIR LACK OF HUMANITY DID. Lack of food, lack of purpose, lack of clothing, lack of education, diseases, lack of medicine, lack of water. Not that any person who claims to be depressed would ever be able to comprehend that there are other people in the world let alone that people go without everything they have.
    People kill themselves because they don’t want to live. How do people try and save depressed people? They talk to them, buy them nice things, look after them, get them medical treatment. Depression is nothing more that a figment of selfish and deluded dimwits imagination. Enjoy making the rich richer while you buy into this whole concept of depression is real and I need depression medication. Everyone has bad days, everyone could describe being depressed at some point.
    Feel sad about things, thats normal. A normal response to something that needs to be changed. But don’t whinge and whine and demand attention for your fake ‘condition’ or ‘disease’ or what ever you call it. Honestly couldn’t be a bigger waste of space, air, resources

  • A disease of the wealthy

    People all across the world are reportedly gaining this illness, the thing all these victims have in common are a) spare time and b) affluence.

    You're 14 and feeling anxious, lethargic and depressed? Welcome to being a teenager. Step away from the computer, get more exercise, get up early, sleep more and most importantly, keep yourself busy. If you sit around all day thinking about how things haven't gone to plan, of course you'll feel down.

  • No, depression is not an illness.

    People romanticizing sadness in novels and poetry does not count as depression. Being sad can happen when you lose a loved one, or are going through a hard time, but it is simply sadness. There isn't a disease where you are too happy for too long, but there is with sadness? Nowadays people act like having depression is like having a designer handbag. It is only real because people sit and pity themselves and do nothing about it, and that should not be diagnosed with anything except being plain lazy.

  • What the West doesn't understand

    If you have a roof over your head, a bed and food on your table and they won't likely disappear any day soon, then you don't have a reason to be depressed.

    The "depression is a disease" fallacy is most likely used by people who happen to hit a bump in their life and seek forgiveness or salvation in made up diseases that'll magically justify them not doing anything and just waiting to be "fixed".

    The irony is that believing that depression is a biological disease is more of a disease than the "disease" itself. If you're depressed, fix your life because it won't fix itself.

  • Depression isn't real

    Being sad is not an illness. If you have a good home and enough food to eat then you have no reason to be 'depressed'. It has become some sort of trend now to act 'depressed' and lots of teenagers claim to have it and cut themselves just to fit in. It is stupid. Snap out of it, you are all tricking yourselves.

  • Depression Is Not An Illness

    This is very similar to pain. Pain is a signal that tissue is being damaged and that urgent action is needed. For instance, if you touch a hot stove, the pain induces an immediate reaction to pull your hand away. Usually this is accomplished with minimal damage to the skin. Without pain, we would not respond as quickly to these kinds of situations, and we would incur a great deal more tissue damage than is actually the case.

  • In the mind

    Why are poor countries less susceptible to depression than people in the western world? I was born in Zimbabwe and we don't recognize mental illness, and we have faith. When I moved to Australia I started hearing this word depression, and 15 years later I still find it hard to believe it's a medicated illness.

  • It is man made to make lots and lots and lots of profit.

    (Smile with reading)

    It is man made to make lots and lots and lots of profit. Yea, I get it may be serious but it is all about the way you think. If you are depressed, you are losing the game of life.

    How to get over depression: Wake up at 8-10am with natural light, eat some strawberries, smile for 2 minutes, do 15 push ups, get a bike and ride it around in the sun and then tell you self it is a beautiful day and you are fortunate for the life you have. AND Voilà, you have just 'cured' your depression :)

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