• Deregulation is to blame for the CA energy shortage

    Without regulation, there is no source of order or overseeing in California. Now that there is a severe energy shortage, it is clear that regulation must be put back into play, especially as certain towns brace for the fallout of having no source of heat during the cold winter months.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe deregulation is partly to blame for the California energy shortage, but the blame should lie on the people of that state as well. Over indulging in energy is something that comes with consequences and despite knowing the need to look for alternative energy we, as a people, continue to rely on the old technologies. Put up some wind turbines, use more solar energy, and learn to live with less.

  • Regulations cause the shortage.

    No, deregulations is not partly to blame for the California energy shortage, because there are more problems with regulation. If the industry were regulated less, there would be more people out there producing the energy. There becomes a shortage when it is hard to produce energy because of a myriad of regulations.

  • Making it easier to develop energy does not cause shortages.

    Deregulation does not cause energy shortages and the cause of energy shortages are well documented: California is against developing affordable or powerful energy sources and is trying instead to limit prices through government fiat. As with the oil crises of the 70s, this shortage is imposed, not natural. If deregulation caused energy shortages, you would expect that 47 less regulated energy states would suffer them the way California has.

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