• Yes, Derek Jeter is a phenomenal ball player

    Yes, Derek Jeter is one of the best shortstops of all time. His record speaks for itself, and he appears to be always willing to go the extra mile for his game. He always comes up with a clutch hit in crucial situations. His time has come to gain more recognition that will set him apart from the average player.

  • hall of fame

    I personally agree,Helped by the addition of the wild card and the third tier of playoffs, Jeter has been a key part of 16 playoff teams, seven pennant winners and five world champions. Along the way, he’s claimed a few major postseason records, and by a country mile at that. His 158 games played are 33 more than former teammate Jorge Posada, the next closest player. He outdistances another former teammate, Bernie Williams, by staggering margins in plate appearances (734 to 545), hits (200 to 128), times on base (271 to 202), total bases (302 to 223, with Manny Ramirez tying Williams) and runs (111 to 83). Meanwhile, despite never being particularly known for his power (not that his 256 career homers are anything to sneeze at), his 20 postseason homers rank third behind Ramirez (29) and Williams (22). Beyond simply compiling, over the course of nearly a full season of extra play, Jeter has more or less matched his regular season performance (.312/.381/.446 career) with a sizzling .308/.374/.465 postseason line, all of that coming against high-caliber competition.

  • Derek Jeter is a leader in the sport.

    Derek Jeter's service to his team has been ideal. He was a formidable opponent respected by his adversaries. His conduct off the diamond was commendable. His work with charities and constant visits to low income areas were a positive reflection of not just the Yankees, but to Major League Baseball in its entirety. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

  • Jeter deserves to be in Hall of Fame

    Derek Jeter has had a long career and his statistics clearly warrant inclusion in the Hall of Fame. His has hit for a high average, decent power and has played great in the field. He has been a crucial component of many Yankees championships and has never been implicated in any PED scandals.

  • Good player but very overrated

    He should win an award for being one of the luckiest players ever. This guy was fortunate to spend his entire career in a lineup full of superstars. The other players were a big part of the championships won. His stats, Which are inflated due to this, Are still not great. Playing for the Yankees by default put him in the spotlight, And helped popularize his name. He did have a long career, Marketability, And contribute positively off the field but that shouldn’t warrant HOF status.

  • No, Not a Hall of famer

    Never won an MVP. Never was the best player on his team. Wasn't even the best shortstop on his team when Miami boy showed up. I think if Omar Visquel was on the Yankees and not Jeter, Visquel would be in the hall of fame. Jeter lives in the NY bubble. When Robinson Kano left, No one has heard of him since he left. Bet when he was there, OMG was the greatest ever.

  • Not a first ballot hof

    Was a above average hitter and below average defender that actually had negative runs saved for his career. He played on very good teams and everyone knows one player in baseball cannot win a team a World Series ie mike trout. Jeter never even won a mvp he’s a hall of famer just not first ballot.

  • Counting stats don't make you a hall of famer.

    All of his value is counting stats he piled up a lot for most of his career he was mediocore at best. Not much elite production, Which makes his hall of fame induction tough to watch considering far more productive players are not in the hall of fame. Voting process needs to change.

  • It is debatable but I would have to say no.

    He lacks an MVP award. Many players who have won the award are not in the hall of fame. Nobody can takeaway his 3, 000 hits, One of the greatest accomplishments an athlete can achieve. But currently he ranks 105 in RBI's. I know he spent a lot of time in the 1 hole but he also spent a significant amount of time bating at 2 and 3. He's a 14 time all star, But that's fan voted, And Jeter was one of the most regognizeable and famous baseball players throughout his career. Most baseball fans generally awknowledge that World Series wins do not matter because baseball is all about individual performance. Even when a player is playing at their best they still will not impact the game as much as a star quarterback or a superstar basketball player. Sure Jeter has 5 World Series wins, But should everyone to win a world series be in the hall? He also has a WS MVP, But as stated the logic becomes flawed trying to use these types of accolades to justify a player going to the hall. The three accolades that the hall should be concerned with are hits, Rbi's, WAR, And home runs. In three of the four, Jeter's well, Pretty average (For a hall of Famer). I do think he will be inducted but he is definitely not a first ballot or even a top 25 player all time.

  • No his name is associated with bad press and steroids.

    Derek jester may have been a powerful player in his time but his bad press associating him with enhancement drugs makes him intelligible to be in the hall of fame. If Jeter is in the hall of fame for his impressive stats how can we be sure that he did this on natural hard work and talent and not steroids?

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