• An overrated athlete.

    Derek Jeter is overrated for sure. He is simply a baseball player who has similar statistics to other great players. Although he is accomplished, his kind of success isn't exclusive to him only. I would be more impressed with him if he were to do more for charity than to break another baseball record.

  • Talent wise yes, impact no

    Jeter is overrated on his talent but he does all the intangibles about as good as anyone. He will do anything to win. Let's be clear, he is a well above average player on talent, just not a all time great in talent. He will be put in the Hall Of Fame, which is obvious.

  • No, Derek Jeter is not overrated

    Derek Jeter is a very talented baseball player who has played many years in the sport. He is viewed as a leader on the team and has many successful seasons to his credit. He seems to conduct himself with professionalism and is highly sought after for product endorsements. He has his own cologne fragrance (Driven) under the Avon company and their ad refers to him as a "role model for our generation." I'm sure that was very well researched before being printed in millions of Avon books!

  • No He's Not

    I do not believe Derek Jeter is overrated. Yes, he's received a lot of mentions and press for his talents and I believe that is deserved. I do not think it will last long, as it rarely does. Athletes rarely make it to the status Jeter has, simply because they lack talent.

  • No, Derek Jeter is not overrated.

    I do not believe that Derek Jeter was overrated. I think that he has the stats and career to prove that he was one of the best players in Yankees history. I also think that alot of the people who like to claim that Derek Jeter was overrated are people who hated the Yankees team.

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