• Please read all of this :

    We didn't get born just to walk around with clothing lines on our body. Its not about our looks on the outside its about the inside that matters the most. People are literally wasting their money just to look good but their actually just walking around advertising clothing brand. Instead of being selfish people can go donate that extra money they have to people who actually can't wear anything because they don't have the money to but it. This society has become disgusting. Its all about money this, Money that, And when someone doesn't have money they get bullied, Talked about, Etc.

  • Quality is stunning

    All designer brands manufacturer their items in child labour free countries using such unique creative colourful products. The vivid creativity and unique skill unites everyone in the beauty of the final piece. It is worth the detail and care however what unfortunately the heavy markup does not lead to everyone having access to it.

  • STFU assholes cunts

    Y'all don't know shit about being broke! Have you ever lived on $733 had to pay 200 of it rent have to deal with drunks and cigarette beggars I don't fuckin think so get your facts straight and stop calling people broke. Coming from a autistic guys point of view.

  • Yes yes yeS!!!

    Labels make the items more interesting because they are very fashionable labels like Nike have different fonts that make more and more people want to buy and/or wear their products.Labels are unique and interesting signs that lots of people have on their clothing. That's why I think labels are worth the price

  • It not worth it

    I don't think their worth it as u could look like James bond even with non branded clothes. If u wear branded clothes then there's a risk of them being getting dirty.You could still flex with cheap clothes as they also have attractions.So that s my opinion on branded clothes

  • Yes Yes Yess!!

    WELL DUHH-!!! Rich ppl will wear this super comfy and fly clothes! If you cant afford it than just flick off!!! If you dont like soft silk, fine leather and some rare skins, you should just start saving because it is worth it! Sorry if you don't have Gold Intestines.

  • Yeah man %100

    No better feeling than looking flyer than everyone else in the room. Gets you girls as well. Spend money on what makes you feel happy and look sharp and you cant go wrong. Dont buy something just for the label tho, cause just cause a t shirt says supreme or GA doesnt make it worth £100

  • Actual designer pieces are worth it.

    I don't think the people on here saying no knows what designer even means. Hollister and Abercrombie are no where near designer, so yes the quality will still be generally low. I do believe that designer is worth it when it comes to classic and timeless pieces. Personally, I like rag and bone for clothing and burberry and alexander mcqueen for acessories. I expect my pieces to last for years, which produces less waste. In that sense it's definitely better for the environment than fast fashion.

  • Yes all the way

    Name brand clothes are worth the price because if you can not pay for a $100 or more on either a pair of pants, or a shirt, or a pair of shoes then you are broke. When I say broke I mean all the way broke. You broke people these days

  • Better fitting and usually better quality

    I have always found designer clothes better fitting and generally quality now their ia a exception that I found asos own brand clothing tends to very good and so cheap 8/10 times it so worth the price . Gucci clothing tends to be my quality pieces and dolce and gabbana in some items .

  • Stupid stupid stupid

    DESIGNER BRANDS ARE STUPID MAGIC. Plus, It's NOT worth the money. You pay all this money just for a stupid label? The point of clothing is to cover us up. Not turn us into a walking advertisement. If that's what these brands wanted, they'd give us the clothes for free.

  • Designer and Not

    I just think that as long as I have been to a couple of shops to compare the clothing I want to buy and the one in the designer shop... Say hollister turns out to be better then ill buy it but in the end if I get the same thing for way less then I won't mind it not being designer....

  • Quality not Brand

    I think there's a difference between buying a well-made, quality product and buying a cheaper-feeling one *but* that has a desirable name on it.
    Maybe I'm just getting old but if I buy a t-shirt I want it to last fifty to a hundred washes *at least* before being ready to use as a car rag. I've bought some branded items that lasted months, and some that lasted years. Name itself isn't a sign of quality any more ... You have to judge quality by touch, handling, cut, etc, and that doesn't always mean 'designer' is best. We should look for quality not just a logo.

  • Designer clothing does not always mean superior quality.

    The price points of a lot of designer clothes are just ludicrous. A lot of the t-shirts for example are flimsy and see-through yet cost ten times (if not a lot more) the cost of a regular t-shirt. The finish is not always superior and I find that true value can be found in mid-range labels such as Jack & Jones Premium Range. Definitely look at your moral values in relation to why you want designer clothes. They make me think of vulgar, ostentatious people. Money doesn't equal class.

  • I don't like

    Why do we need designer clothing when we have walmart/target/ross, its just plain stupid and we can get them much cheaper with the same quality and material but just different brands. Why not buy something cheaper, we are being conned to buy items for double / triple / ten times their prices!

  • Even Boxer shorts?

    Many people even decide to buy say Calvin Klein boxer shorts, is it really necessary even if nobody will see the name tag. Also with shoes does it really make an impression on somebody if you wear Gucci shoes or Next ones to be honest 80% of people probably can't tell the difference.

  • No it is not worth the money

    Designer clothing is really just a scam. You are paying for clothes by name. This means you are not paying by quality. If I have a t shirt from a designer or a t shirt from a no name company and they are of equal quality why do I want to pay for just a name? It is a waste of money.

  • I'm in the middle again

    Um, from a style view point, no. I see in magazines all the time where you can "Get the look for cheaper!" and the model looks as good, if not better than the girl in the $500 dress. Designers work hard and have to use expensive materials which does make it worth the money QUALITY wise. But if you just want to look clean and stylish you can do that at TJ Maxx or Shoppers World anyday. I must say though, designer jeans last much longer than Kmart jeans. That's why I'm in the middle.

  • Its a question of values.

    Every purchase you make on some level makes a statement about yourself whether you are aware of it or not. That statement could simply be that you are unaware of that statement. It is best that we become extremely aware of our purchases and their implications and the values they reflect.

    When you purchase designer clothing you are making a statement about consumerism, about trends, about superiority and exclusivity and wealth. If those are your values then perhaps you should reevaluate your relation to the world.

    Likewise, buying at walmart, you are making a statement. That you value saving money, that you dont value where your clothing was made or who made it. My values are not on meeting the newest passing trend put forth by designers, or on saving money at all cost. It is on getting good timeless clothing that lasts and came from respectable origins and was priced reasonably. So no, I don't think it is worth your money.

  • Considering the factors

    Who is profiting and is it worth it? Alot of brand names use sweat shops so you know its not going to the people that worked hard to make the garments. Is it good quality? I know I have bought brand name jeans that have went out on me after 2 months. These jeans would cost me 90 dollars when I could get a better pair for 30. So is it worth it? Not so much.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-09-23T21:30:00.920
Nope not worth the $