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    Despacito is a musical masterpiece. From it's smooth rhythm and lyrical genius such as the lines "Ay Fonsi DY OhOh no, Oh noOh yeahDiridiri, Dirididi Daddy Go". Genius. I believe despacito should win a nobel peace prize for how it's brought together the internet. Despacito, Despacito 2, And Despacito 3. I thank you for how you brought my family and many others together.

  • Despacito is the best

    Despacito is the best Despacito ever. I mean think people, Remember Despacito 2, That was shit, Despacito 3, We don’t talk about it, And it proves that originals are better than sequels, I mean just think for 2 minutes, Lol, Your retarded if you like Despacito 6 I mean seriously.

  • Despacito 2 > despacito

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  • Despacito is mainstream

    'Despacito' is one of the most popular songs of all time. 3 billion YouTube views, And it hasn't even been around for 2 years. But it's just ANOTHER pop song! Why can't we give other songs a chance? What about alternative music? Nobody bothers with it! 'Despacito' is simply a mainstream choice for people who can't think for themselves and follow the crowd.

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