Is destiny determined by choice rather than chance?

  • 'Destiny' is choice of the people

    Pretty much anything that's induced by humans or result of their neglect is a choice. It only seems as destiny, sometimes, because it's other people's choices that affects us and we can't change that. Sometimes we can't figure out the cause, so it seems as 'God's plan' or whatever.

    If a fridge falls on your head, it's not because it was destined but because somebody pushed it out of the window.

  • Destiny determined by choice rather than chance.

    In general, people have control over their lives. Although there are some variables we cannot control, people can mostly do what they want. We cannot chose our bodies or where we are born, but people have a considerable amount of choice about what career the do, who they like to be with, and how they spend their time.

  • In this world today, you can't get anywhere unless you stand out or know someone.

    In our world, we don't simply just get chances--we have to know the right person or be in the right place at the right time. We can't just simply have a chance given to us, and if we do, it's a very rare event. We are never really given the chance unless we stand out and make people think we are what we really aren't.

  • Choice is something we have -chances come randomly, without announcements.

    It is said that destiny is pre-determined or pre-planned - so does this imply that we should just sit back and wait for it, seeing as if it is pre-planned it will find us, and chances will come and will lead us to it? No. Our choice decides whether we are going to stand up, step forward and accept the fate that has found its way to us. My point is that destiny is pre-planned, but until we make a choice, we work for it. Chance is taken up by our choice and our choice alone.

  • This isn't black and white; it's a combination of the two.

    Choice AND chance are equals in terms of our destiny. On the one hand, you must go out there and MAKE things happen. But chance still is the overruling theme. You can go out and be super productive, network and meet people, yet still fail because of sheer happenstance. Or you could think you are on a perfect track towards success and die the next day. Choice had nothing to do in that matter.

  • Everything depends mainly in us

    We need to know exactly what Destiny means. Destiny is a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the cosmos (Wikipedia definition). In materialism, our knowledge or idea are always created and influenced by the reality. Therefore, destiny that is defined by our imagination cannot settle our future totally. It is really funny to know that everything is pre-planned. How could you know? Then what would you do? Ridiculous!
    I did not care whether Destiny exists or not. I just try my best doing everything. Just accept everything can happen to me because I cannot decide it totally

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