• Detention prompts me to be good

    I think isolation should be banned as it gets in the way of lessons and lunch detentions in the way of food however detentions are embarrassing to get and that is what prompts me along with my mum's way of bringing me into school life

    Detention prompts me to be good

    By ____________

  • Detention aims to make a discipline among the students who break rules and policies in school.

    It is been said that if a student violates or breaches a policy or rule must be taken for such disciplinary action as it would serve as a consequence for a certain undesirable act. It would be considered that detention instills self-realization that is beneficial to the student's development and learning.

  • Detentions can be effective

    Detentions can be a very effective form of punishment; however, how effective it really is depends on the circumstance. For instance- if you give a kid detention(s) for chronic tardiness to class (2+ tardies), then it is very effective, because it makes up for the time students were late. Detentions can be effective for several other punishments, including but not limited to cheating on an assignment, cutting class, and other rude, disrespectful and disruptive behaviors. On the flip side, however, if you give a kid detention for, say, not doing their homework, or coming to class unprepared (e.G. Without a notebook, writing utensil, etc.), then it is unlikely to work, because such a punishment for those kinds of offenses would not promote independence, especially with High school-aged kids. To reiterate, detentions can be an effective form of punishment- it really just depends on how, when and why it is administered.

  • Time is wasted anyway

    DT is good. If you behave you do not get DT. If you do homework then you do not get a DT. If you don't behave or don't do homework you get DT
    People don't want to waste their time so if DT is a waste of time then DT is a deterrent so DT is effective.

  • It does nothing

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  • Not helpful at all

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    Detention is best used Detention is best used, not as study hall or cleanup time, but, rather, as a means of getting students attention by exhausting a student’s free time. In an time when parents are quick to yell at their children, a 100% silent, respectful punishment often heard... That is, if it's structured correctly.
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    Keep DT's Students are only ever punished effectively in detention The only punishment that is actually effective is detention.
    -Students are scared of geting a detention
    -Students behave well in lessons
    -The bad guys and girls get punished
    -Students arrive on time
    -Students learn beacause nobody messes about in classes
    Detention is a good punishment because it takes up students time, they don't like it, and it worries them how to inform their parents.
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    Detentions are great Detentions are very good consequences as they detain the student after school and make the student think twice about being very naughty again. Schools should be able to detain students for bad behaviour. Detentions are very minor consequences and every adult would be likely to receive a more serious punishment than a DT (Detention)
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    Detentions are great Detentions are very good consequences as they detain the

  • Detention is effective

    Many people say that detention is a waste of time, which is a good thing. Since nobody wants their time to be wasted, the student wont to repeat their wrong doing and have their time wasted again. Therefore, detention is effective and it will teach kids a very important lesson on behavior.

  • No its not

    People are always getting detentions and everyone has had at least one, even the teachers pets do. People will always get detentions and always will, yeah we may learn our lesson but no matter what we will always get them. So I say no detentions are not affective, hopefully one day detentions will be banned and prove that there is no point on having them. Thanks for reading. :)

  • NO... It can even cause injustice

    Detention is not effective and is a waste of time. You often get put in class detentions because of other people which is unjust and not right. Teachers should be banned from detentions because they can't be trusted and I know I have never had a fair one. Also ban the noisy parkers forcing you to sign your planner...

  • They are not effective

    On febuary 5 I got a detention for not doing my homework once in 3 years! I mean seriously 1 and a half hour for no homework since secondary school.Teachers just go over board and don't remember when they where teenagers.If someone is being continually a major issue, just ex spell them,they'll learn there lesson then.Theres no point after all a tiger doesn't change its spots.

  • Speaking from experience.

    Being in detention, or in school suspension, did nothing for me. It was a waste of time, space, and taxes. When I was in detention which was barely a year ago, I did nothing but read fiction books all day for fun. I wasn't even in there for long, just 10 days, and being an AP kid, that was useful time thrown away. Especially when most of the kids in there actually need to be in class. They should tutor the kids in there instead of letting them mentally rot in the white rooms, or using them as janitors during lunch.

  • I don't think so.

    If it does work, it's not because it teaches a lesson, it's because detention is an inconvenience. It consists of nothing more than taking up space. If anything it might cause the child to resent the education system. How about teaching something that is actually interesting? If kids weren't so bored they wouldn't have time to act out.

  • Detention is pointless

    I've had multiple detentions before, mostly for stupid things such as prank in a friend and because the idiot fitness directors only counted half Of my fitness minutes one week. And honestly,it just makes me hate school even more and makes me more likely to break rules I feel. This is a weak argument I realize but I don't have much time right now to write that much now

  • Detention: least useful thing.

    For one, kids who go to detention are always sent back to detention. Once kids experience detention, they realize that detention might not be so bad. You get a chance to do your homework and just calm down. Some students may not even care about going to detention anymore. Detention will seem like a small thing to them.
    Most kids do not learn from their mistakes anyway. What’s the use of having kids sent to detention if they don't even learn their lesson?
    Detention does not help kids, it wastes time. Kids at detentions basically sit and do nothing. How is this a lesson to teach kids? Many kids do not think about what they did wrong to get sent to detention. The only thing that happens during detentions are that the kids are extremely bored. Often kids have their friends with them during detentions. This will not give them time to reflect on their actions. Instead, they would just send notes to each other or communicate silently.

  • Detentions aren't effective

    The detention at my school are just sitting there doing nothing, which isn't really much, they probably don't even care and reflect on anything. The lunch detentions on the other hand are also not very effective, you mainly just sit there, eat, and think about stuff. I got a lunch detention for saying I didn't want to sit next to someone, and it actually helps as I have a lot of stuff to do and it lets me think about how to do them.

  • There are other ways

    I picked up my first detention at school today for swearing. In my eyes there are other ways of punishments like extra homework or 10 laps of the football pitch. Puttingkids in a stuffy room for a certain amount of time does sod all. PS its torture seing ur friends messing about outside and occasionaly teasing u for it. Extra time to do ur homework is the only advantage

  • Ban it Worldwide

    In my opinion it should be banned not just in america but worldwide! Detention gives stress to several students and can prevent the youth from wasting their time and can change certain plans through out their day. To be honest I think soda should be allowed back at schools while detention should be banned!

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