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  • New Orleans Beats Detroit

    Chernobyl is a wasteland in the Ukraine. Both Detroit and New Orleans are abandoned wastelands in America, but for different reasons. New Orleans had the natural disaster in Hurricane Katrina. Detroit's population dwindled thanks to the Great Recession when jobs were scarce in the automobile industry. There are other candidates for a Chernobyl in America, but I think New Orleans would beat Detroit in that the Big Easy has had more years to try to recover and it simply isn't the same jewel it once was before the massive hurricane struck.

  • No, Chernobyl is so much worse than Detroit.

    It is unfair to call Detroit Chernobyl because if business could return to Detroit, the city could be bustling again. People simply cannot return to the ruined Chernobyl, which is too dangerous to live in. Both of them represent monumental mistakes by humans and great losses, but they are not the same.

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